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Cuban boxing prospect Osvary David Morrell Gutierrez signs with Warriors Boxing

The 21-year-old is considered a hugely promising young fighter.

Warriors Boxing

Osvary David Morrell Gutierrez of Cuba has turned pro, signing a deal with Warriors Boxing, who are very excited about the 21-year-old’s prospects in the sport.

Morrell Gutierrez has an amateur record of 130-2, with his only losses coming to countryman Julio Cesar la Cruz, who won an Olympic gold medal, and Canada’s Harley-David O’Reilly, a loss which was later avenged.

“Most people that know Cuban boxing think this is the best kid to ever come out Cuba. I really believe he will take over the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions,” said Warriors Boxing COO Luis DeCubas. “This is a great signing and I’m very proud to be involved with him and Ural Promotions on this.”

DeCubas, a veteran manager and promoter, raves about the young man’s upside.

“He’s special. He’s like a Lomachenko with power. He has perfect timing and great footwork and he can crack,” he said. “Bob Arum thought enough of Lomachenko to put him in a world title fight in his second fight. This guy is the same thing. Five fights and he can be in with a top 10 guy. He’s like a Sugar Ray Robinson type of fighter and a nice-looking kid on top of it. He is going to be a star of the highest order in boxing.”

Warriors Boxing President Leon Margules adds to the excitement, and agrees that Osvary won’t need “This is the kind of fighter who comes along once in a generation. You don’t go 130-2 as an amateur in Cuba unless you are an extraordinary talent. We are going to help Osvary become a superstar in the sport in quick fashion. He’s not going to need the kind of warm-up fights that other prospects do. He’s already one of the best fighters in his division and he’s only going to get better and stronger as he matures. It’s exciting to be involved in this from his very first fight.”

“I am now signed with the team I needed to become a world champion from Cuba,” said Morrell Gutierrez. “I have been dreaming of coming to the United States to become world champion since I started boxing. I am very honored, and I will make all of Cuba proud of my accomplishments.”

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