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Teofimo Lopez vs Masayoshi Nakatani: Live round by round, results, discussion

Teofimo Lopez faces Masayoshi Nakatani in tonight’s ESPN+ main event.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank




Round 1: Nakatani starts with a quick jab but Lopez answers with a clean left hook upstairs that Nakatani smiles at. Lopez slips two long punches from Nakatani at range. Nakatani partially lands a jab. Now Nakatani lands a left hook down to the body. Jab to the body scores for Nakatani, he looks a lot taller and longer than Lopez in the ring. Left hand lead lands for Lopez to the body. Nakatani throws back and keeps Lopez at arms reach. Lopez leaps in with a left hook and makes solid contact. Another left from Lopez lands, followed by a check hook. Lopez is countering better now as he’s starting to get Nakatani’s timing. Lead hook lands for Lopez again. Another body shot lands for Lopez just before the bell. I think Lopez stole this round down the stretch. Lopez 10-9.

Round 2: Nakatani partially lands a lead jab. Nakatani is having some good success when he can fight Lopez light Dhalsim. Nakatani lands a jab but Lopez slips the second. Nakatani tries a one-two and makes contact with the right hand. Both fighters clash heads but there’s no cut. Double jab comes from Lopez but he can’t land it too well. Now Lopez lands a check hook. Nakatani scores a left hand as Loepz stepped in. Lopez misses on a wild hook. Nakatani continues to throw long punches at range, making it difficult for Loepz to get in punching range. Lopez misses on a lunging left hook. Good round for Nakatani I think. Nakatani 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Lopez’s father tells him he can’t keep letting Nakatani fight on the outside and he needs to close the distance. Both fighters trade shots to start the round. They exchange jabs again but Nakatani follows it up with multiple. Left hook lands for Lopez. Nakatani misses on a chopping right hand. Jab lands clean for Nakatani. Hard jab lands for Lopez as he slips a Nakatani jab. Lopez falls short on a right hand to the body. Jab lands for Lopez again and Nakatani circles back towards center ring. Lopez times an overhand right as a counter. Nakatani jabs to the body at range and then steps back to keep the distance. Close round. Lopez 10-9.

Round 4: Left hook lands upstairs for Lopez. Lopez lands a clean, hard left hook again and snaps Nakatani’s head. Lopez tries to stab to the body with his left hand but falls a little short. Lopez steps back in with several shots and lands as Nakatani gets backed to the ropes. Hard right hand puts Nakatani down but it’s ruled a slip! Nakatani throws a one-one-two but can’t find the mark. Lopez has Nakatani along the ropes now instead of at center ring and that’s a problem for Nakatani because he can’t match Lopez’s power. Right hand lead lands upstairs for Lopez shortly before the bell. Lopez 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Lopez’s father tells him that Nakatani is done, suggesting he wants him to go after him now. Lopez comes out with a quick left hook that Nakatani ducks. Two jabs come from Nakatani, he lands one. Right hand lands clean to the body for Lopez. Combination comes from Lopez but Nakatani defends it well. Counter right lands for Lopez but Nakatani gets in a body shot. Double jab comes from Nakatani. Lopez misses on a jab but then throws a right hand after and makes contact. Jab lands clean for Nakatani. Another jab lands for Nakatani, who slips the counter right this time. Hard right hand lands for Lopez at the bell but I’m going to edge this round to Nakatani. Nakatani 10-9.

Round 6: Nakatani lands a jab to start the round. Lopez doubles the left and and lands a clean left hook. Now Lopez is rattling off punches as he’s getting comfortable but Nakatani tries to stop his momentum but pushing him back. Nakatani throws a combination but he doesn’t land much cleanly. Counter right hand lands for Lopez along the ropes. Both fighters trade jabs. Clean left hook lands for Lopez again. Lopez misses on two big hook just before the bell. Lopez 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Jab comes from Loepz but falls short. Lopez slides over and lands a jab to the chest. Nakatani jabs to the body but takes a counter left from Lopez. Left hook lands for Lopez upstairs. Nakatani tries to get in close on Lopez now to try and put more pressure on the young fighter. Nakatani lands a jab. Lopez lands a counter right squarely on Nakatani’s face and Nakatani barely budges. Right hand to the body falls a little short for Lopez. Nakatani lands a long body shot. Now Lopez throws a few and makes pretty good contact. Lopez tries to do a trick punch by throwing one behind the back but he doesn’t land it. Lopez 10-9.

Round 8: Nakatani tries to get in close right away but can’t land anything in doing so. Counter left hand lands clean for Lopez to the body. Jab lands for Lopez upstairs. Nakatani presses Lopez to the ropes and gets in a right hand. Lopez slips a Nakatani jab and lands one of his own. Lopez doubles up on the jab and pushes Nakatani back a little. Hard right hand lands over the top for Lopez and he puts Nakatani on the ropes. Now Nakatani lands a right hand upstairs clean. Clean left hook lands for Lopez as he comes leaping in. Close round again but I think Lopez is edging the. Lopez 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Lopez comes out with a fast combination and hits Nakatani straight away. Nakatani throws several jabs but Lopez is able to slip most of them. Counter left hook lands clean for Lopez. Now Nakatani lands a clean jab at mid-range. Uppercut comes from Lopez, who then throws a big left hook that just misses. Two body shots land for Lopez. Right hand lands upstairs for Lopez. Nakatani tries to go downstairs and steps in and lands a clean right hand to the head. Two more shots to the body come from Lopez, who slips Nakatani’s response a moment later. Nakatani pushes forward and throws a few to the body. This is another round I think Lopez takes, but he’s not having an easy time. Lopez 10-9.

Round 10: Nakatani comes out with an assault as he’s looking to stem the tide. Lopez lands a left hand. Clean left hook lands for Lopez again. Now Lopez partially lands an overhand right. Uppercut doesn’t land clean for Lopez but he’s picking out singular shots to counter Nakatani with. Nakatani looking a little gun shy at point. Now Nakatani steps in and throws a left to the body. Clean jab lands for Lopez, then a left hook, then a right hand! Best shots of the night for Nakatani! Lopez fires back as he doesn’t want Nakatani to have a big moment! Three jabs from Nakatani get slipped by Lopez. Lopez winds up his right hand for the bolo punch but can’t get it off. Hard left hook lands for Lopez at the bell. This fight is a lot closer than it looks on my scorecard. Lopez 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Jab to the body falls short for Lopez. Jab lands for Lopez this time, and Nakatani slips on a wet spot in the center of the ring — referee calls a timeout to clean it up. Lopez misses on a jab an Nakatani comes forward partially lands a right hand. Nakatani lands a clean jab upstairs. Right hand lands for Lopez as a counter. Right hand lead from Nakatani gets rolled by Lopez. Lopez throws left hook that Nakatani blocks. Counter right hand lands for Lopez, then another. Nakatani fires back with a body shot. Nakatani is game but I think Lopez is just getting the better of most exchanges, which is edging him the rounds. Lopez 10-9.

Round 12: Lopez lands a shot to the body and head to start the round. Both fighters stand at center ring and exchange. Nakatani presses forward and throws punches but can’t quite land them clean. Jab lands to the body for Nakatani. Lopez misses on a few hook and Nakatani lands a clean jab afterwards. Lopez lands a jab but smothers the right hand. Jab to the body touches Lopez downstairs. Nakatani ducks a handful of Lopez punches. Now Nakatani misses on a left hook and Lopez misses on his counter. Lopez steps in with a hard hook, then an uppercut lands on the inside. Lopez has more in the tank than Nakatani but Nakatani is still throwing to the final bell. I still have to edge this to Lopez again, 10-9. I’ve got it 118-110 for Lopez but that’s only with me giving him the edge in a number of close rounds.


Round 1: Matias falls short on a jab to the body. Now Matias pushes forward and starts applying pressure on Dadashev. Dadashev jabs and circles at the center of the ring and jabs back down to the body. Dadashev brings the jab upstairs now and he’s keeping Matias turning early. Jab lands clean for Dadashev. Matias throws one back and continues to walk down Dadashev aggressively, probably hoping to wear Dadashev down early. Now Matias lands several hard shots that visibly stun Dadashev a little. Dadashev tries to fight Matias off of him but now it’s clear why Dadashev has to make this a boxing match and not a slugfest. Matias is pushing Dadashev back but Dadashev lands a clean jab. I’m going to slightly edge this round to Dadashev on his activity and good boxing but he surely expended a lot of energy to do it. Dadashev 10-9.

Round 2: Dadashev asks trainer Buddy McGirt what he needs to do in this next round, McGirt tells him to stay off the ropes and keep him turning. Matias comes out and lands a hook and an uppercut. Man, you can really hear Matias’ punches land with a thud when he makes contact. Dadashev is using a lot of lateral movement but he’s still having to move a lot as Matias’ pressure is making him fight at an uncomfortable pace. Uppercut lands on the inside for Matias. Both fighters trade jabs. Dadashev throws a jab to the body and he moves to the side. I can’t see Dadashev keeping up this rate of movement for the whole fight. Hard shots land for Matias as the fighters trade momentarily. Dadashev is keeping this fight on the move but I’m leaning towards Matias in this one. Matias 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Left hook lands to the body right away for Matias. Matias is being even more aggressive in this round and looks like he wants to break Dadashev with overwhelming pressure. Matias throws a combination with a couple down to the body. Jab lands for Matias this time, and Dadashev tries to circle and move and change range constantly. Two short right hooks land for Matias up close, followed by a left hook. Hard left hook lands to the body for Matias again. Four more punches come from Matias, who has a small cut on his right eye. Matias throws a few more short hooks on the inside before the bell. Matias 10-9.

Round 4: Referee calls a timeout to take a little vaseline off Matias’ cut. Matias starts the round chasing after Dadashev who tries to circle and time a counter right hand. Hook to the body lands for Matias again. Dadashev misses on a left hook upstairs. Matias continues to chase after Dadashev and Dadashev is basically boxing and running at the same time — which is pretty impressive in its own right. Right hand lead lands for Matias. One-two comes from Dadashev. Jab lands to the body for Dadashev, who then lands another one upstairs before ducking the counter. Both fighters trade left hooks and Matias’ cut is bleeding down his face again. Double left hook comes from Dadashev at the bell. Dadashev 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: McGirt tells Dadashev that he’s busting Matias up now and that he doesn’t have to run around as much. We’ll see. Body shots land for Matias to open the round. Jabs come from Matias and back Dadashev up, then Matias lands hard hooks. Two more hard body shots land clean for Matias — it sounds like he’s banging the bass drum. Two more body shots land for Matias. Right hand lands to the body for Matias this time, Dadashev lands a short hook right after. Another combination comes from Matias that backs Dadashev up considerably. Hard left lands for Matias. Dadashev is taking some real punishment in this round and he can’t afford to run out of gas at this point with a puncher like Matias. Matias 10-9.

Round 6: Jab partially lands for Matias as he has Dadashev on retreat. Dadashev doesn’t doesn’t have the spring in his step to keep bouncing around Matias anymore, and as a result he’s having to stand and trade more — which isn’t favoring him. Jab lands for Dadashev, followed by a right hand. Matias pushes towards Dadashev but Dadashev lands a good counter shot. One-two comes from Dadashev but he takes a left to the body in return. More body shots land for Matias and Dadashev has to fight him off with a short combination. Matias 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Matias basically meets Dadashev on his side of the ring to open the round and pushes him back with a couple of jabs. Matias slips a couple of jabs and walks forward before landing a couple of short punches to the body. Matias whacks away to the body again and lands a clean right uppercut to the body shortly after. Now Matias lands a right hand upstairs. Matias is literally chasing Dadashev around the ring and Dadashev just doesn’t have the power to keep Matias from coming forward like a steam train. Matias 10-9.

Round 8: Matias comes out with a measuring jab and throws a right hand to the body once he backs Dadashev to the ropes. Combination comes from Matias as Dadashev covers up. Hard left hook lands upstairs and snaps Dadashev’s head. Another clean body shot lands for Matias and Dadashev has to retreat. Jab to the body lands for Matias. Dadashev throws three punches but Matias easily defends them. Two jabs come from Dadashev that miss but he lands the follow up left hook. Uppercut lands for Matias on the inside. Now Dadashev lands an uppercut but he just can’t make an impression on Matias. Both fighters trade punches at close range. Now Dadashev lands a clean jab to the body, then takes a left hook. Jab lands for Dadashev again who pivots and lands another. I like the way Dadashev ended the second half of the round. Dadashev 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Dadashev is getting off first now but now Matias takes the play away and goes on a long flurry of punches. Dadashev doesn’t have the legs to run now so now we’re gonna have a throwdown. Body shot lands for Matias. Two more land for Matias, who then brings in some hook upstairs. Dadashev tries to find spots to counter but he’s too worn to be sharp. Matias lands another body shot, then an uppercut. I think Dadashev is just about ready to succumb to the pressure. Hard right hook to the body lands for Matias, then a left downstairs. Dadashev took a beating in that round. Matias 10-9.

Round 10: McGirt tells Dadashev he can’t take those body shots anymore but it’s too late, the damage is done. Matias comes forward and lands another body shot. Dadashev throws a hook upstairs that gets blocked. Matias pushes forward behind a jab and then ends up in a clinch. Another short body shot lands for Matias. Hard left hook lands for Matias and Dadashev’s knee buckles ever so slightly. Right uppercut lands to the body for Matias. Right hand lands to the body for Matias this time. Now Matias lands a left hook upstairs and Dadashev has to step back for a second. Matias thinks he has Dadashev ready to go and he comes forward and lands two more left hooks to the body, then a right hook, the a left hook upstairs. Two more hard body shots land for Matias right before the bell. Matias 10-9, 97-93.

Round 11: Matias throws a couple punches that don’t land clean. Now the referee calls a timeout to cut some loose tape on Matias’ glvoes. Matias starts the action with a number of shots to the body and head and Dadashev is retreating until he finally has to stand his ground and look for spots to counter. Another time out because more tape comes loose. Two hooks to the body land for Matias. Clean left hook lands clean for Matias, then more hooks to both sides of the body. I have no clue how Dadashev is still standing up. Left hook lands upstairs for Matias, then a hard uppercut to the head! Dadashev tries to dig deep and fight Matias off but he’s a beaten man. Hard left hook wobbles Dadashev right before the bell. This fight should be stopped between rounds. Matias 10-9.

McGirt begs Dadashev to let him stop the fight in between rounds! McGirt says he’s getting hit too much and he wants to save him, he’s seen enough. Dadashev doesn’t look like he wants to let him stop it but he ultimately concedes and McGirt tells the referee they’re done. GREAT CORNERWORK BY MCGIRT! Matias TKO-11.

Tonight at 10 pm ET streaming live on ESPN+, lightweight super prospect Teofimo Lopez returns in an IBF eliminator against unbeaten Japanese fighter Masayoshi Nakatani in the main event from Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call this evening.

Lopez, 21, is the big favorite here, as the 30-year-old Nakatani is a solid regional fighter on paper, while Lopez projects as a true potential star. The winner will be in line for a shot at Richard Commey, who holds the IBF 135-pound title.

The co-feature is a 140-pound title eliminator between top prospect Maxim Dadashev and Subriel Matias, who is far less known but has the numbers to be dangerous, winning all 13 of his pro fights inside the distance.

Prelim action kicks off at 6:30 pm ET, also on ESPN+, with some good prospects and also Esquiva Falcao in action.

Prelims (ESPN+, 6:30 pm ET)

  • Dusty Harrison (32-0-1, 18 KO) vs Juan De Angel (21-11-1, 19 KO), middleweights, 8 rounds
  • Cassius Chaney (15-0, 9 KO) vs Joel Caudle (8-2-2, 5 KO), heavyweights, 8 rounds
  • Tyler Howard (17-0, 11 KO) vs Jamaal Davis (18-14-1, 7 KO), middleweights, 8 rounds
  • Tyler McCreary (15-0-1, 7 KO) vs Jessie Cris Rosales (22-2-1, 10 KO), lightweights, 8 rounds
  • Esquiva Falcao (23-0, 15 KO) vs Jesus Antonio Gutierrez (25-3-2, 12 KO), middleweights, 10 rounds
  • Swing: Rolando Vargas (2-0, 2 KO) vs Nathaniel Davis (1-0, 1 KO), lightweights, 4 rounds
  • Swing: Patrick Harris (16-0, 8 KO) vs Donald Ward (11-10-1, 5 KO), junior welterweights, 6 or 8 rounds

Main Card (ESPN+, 10:00 pm ET)

  • Teofimo Lopez (13-0, 11 KO) vs Masayoshi Nakatani (18-0, 12 KO), lightweights, 12 rounds
  • Maxim Dadashev (13-0, 11 KO) vs Subriel Matias (13-0, 13 KO), junior welterweights, 12 rounds

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