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Chisora vs Szpilka results: Dereck Chisora knocks out Artur Szpilka in second round, calls out Joseph Parker

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Dereck Chisora blasted Artur Szpilka out in the second round in London.

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images

Dereck Chisora can be a bit hard to predict, but we got “War” Chisora today in London, and he made short work of Artur Szpilka on the Whyte-Rivas undercard.

Chisora (31-9, 22 KO) looked pretty aggressive in the first round, with Szpilka (22-4, 15 KO) looking to box and keep him at bay, but Chisora’s pressure was effective, and in the second round, he landed a bomb of a right hand to the chin that put Szpilka out on his feet.

Szpilka wound up taking a couple of clean shots that were ultimately unnecessary, before he crumpled to the canvas, and referee Mark Lyson jumped in to stop the fight, as Szpilka was clearly in no condition to get up and try to continue.

It’s a second straight win, and a pretty solid one, for the 35-year-old Chisora, who feels he has a lot more left in the tank.

“Age is nothing but a number. I’m 35, I still feel like I’m 16. I still want to fight the big fights. As long as the British people keep supporting me like this, I’ll fight until the break of dawn,” Chisora said after the fight.

Chisora also has his sights set on a next opponent.

“We want to try and get Joseph Parker,” he said. “As long as he don’t run like an Australian chicken, I’m down for that fight and I look forward to that fight.”

“(Dereck) needed a spectacular performance tonight to prove he was worthy to challenge the elite,” manager and former in-ring rival David Haye said. “He wants that Joseph Parker fight. I talked to Joseph Parker in Las Vegas, he told me to my face to make the fight. Parker’s promoted by Eddie (Hearn) also, so it’s an easy fight to make.”

“Let’s do the Parker fight. Chisora-Parker, let’s go,” Hearn said simply.