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Allen vs Price results: David Price outclasses and stops Dave Allen

David Price didn’t gas and didn’t crumble, and scored maybe the biggest win of a once-promising career.

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images

The story of Dave Allen vs David Price was supposed to be the likable Dave Allen picking up another win over a decent if faded name, as he moved toward an improbable crack at world level. Apparently no one told David Price the story, though, as he pretty well dominated the fight and stopped Allen after 10 rounds.

Price (25-6, 20 KO) simply outclassed Allen (17-5-2, 14 KO), who was not being mistaken for an elite fighter or anything, but still, Price has a long and clear history of fading badly and crumbling after about four rounds, doesn’t have a good chin, and Allen was thought to be on the career upswing, having gotten himself into better shape and looking sharp in recent outings.

But Allen just had no answers for the longer, taller Price in this one, and while Price did show some signs of fatigue at about the point you’d have expected, it never overwhelmed him at all, and Allen just never got any rhythm or momentum. Allen was never able to push the pace or really dig in on Price, never once had him in trouble.

Bad Left Hook had Price up 98-92 after 10 rounds, when Allen had the fight stopped in his corner. Medical personnel checked on him after, as he stayed on his stool while Price celebrated a win that will, improbably, keep him out there as a name for some other rising heavyweight, or some other domestic heavyweight looking to beat a guy with some name value.

When you look at the whole of Price’s career, this win is as good as any he’s ever scored, and I have to think is the most satisfying. Not only did he win when he wasn’t expected to by most, but he did so in a fashion that was totally unlike him. He didn’t bomb Allen out early, he dissected him.

It’s worth noting, too, that by the end of the fight, Allen’s eye was almost completely shut, and it looked bad enough to suspect he may have a more significant injury than just a cut and swelling. But either way, Allen just never figured Price out in this fight, and he had grown clearly frustrated even by the middle rounds. Nothing went right for him in this one.

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