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Hosea Burton, Steven Ward, Serge Michel added to MTK light heavyweight tournament

MTK Global have the first three names for their 175-pound tournament set.

Boxing at Metro Radio Arena Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With fighters announced for the MTK Global Golden Contract tournaments at 126 and 140 pounds, we now know the first three names for the 175-pound tournament, as well.

I know what you’re saying: Scott, why didn’t you just do this all as one post? Because they sent three separate press releases out for the announcements, and I didn’t know they were doing that with the first one, and then I wrote a post I would have had to restructure, and this was just easier. Anyway add all your comments on one of the posts if you want. Then fight for which one will be the dominant announcement with the full discussion. Fun!

Anyway, Hosea Burton, Steven Ward, and Serge Michel are the first three names announced for the light heavyweights. Being honest, this is probably the weakest of the initial trios.

Burton (24-1, 11 KO) challenged for the British title in 2016 and was knocked out in the 12th by Frank Buglioni, and frankly hasn’t had a challenge ever since, fighting as a cruiserweight against club fighters and journeymen.

Ward (12-0, 4 KO) won a tight technical decision over Liam Conroy last time out, which was by far the biggest fight of his career. Michel (8-1, 6 KO) is coming off of a knockout loss to Ryan Ford in April.

“I’m the best light heavyweight in Great Britain, and the reason I’m entering this Golden Contract tournament is because I’m also the most avoided light heavyweight in Great Britain,” Burton said. “It’s a great opportunity for me to get some fights and get some exposure, and once I win this competition I’ll move on to big things.”

“I feel this is a massive opportunity. There haven’t been tournaments like this before, and it’s a tournament I feel I can win due to my amateur background,” said Ward. “As an amateur you’re used to showing up and fighting guys on a few hours’ notice from the weigh-in. With this you only find out who you’ll face the week of the fight, so it’s very exciting. There are some massive rewards on offer at the end.”

“I’m from Germany and a former Olympian and I’m more than ready to win this tournament,” Michel helpfully stated.

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