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Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2: Opening Press Conference

Eddie Hearn officially announces the heavyweight rematch.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

With the rematch between unified heavyweight titleholder Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua confirmed for December 7th in Saudi Arabia, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn holds an opening press conference to make a formal announcement.

“The reason we’re here today, of course, is to officially announce the epic world heavyweight blockbuster event between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua, December 7th in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia,” Hearn began.

“We remember, of course, June the 1st — I’d like to say ‘what a night’ but not really a night we’re going to remember too fondly — but a huge night for the heavyweight division. We saw Anthony Joshua, who has long been the man in the heavyweight division be dethroned by a fantastic Andy Ruiz in a great fight that sold out Madison Square Garden...It was a night that really turned the heavyweight industry on its head.

“And we look forward to, in my opinion, the fight of the year, the fight of the division, the biggest fight out there, the heavyweight rematch between Joshua and Ruiz. There was a lot of talk about where this fight would be held. Would it be back at Madison Square Garden, would it be at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff? We had approaches from Saudi Arabia, from Dubai, from Qatar, from Abu Dhabi, and there’s been numerous conversations in the past about staging events in that region.

“For us, we really wanted to go somewhere who believed in the sport of boxing, who had a vision...We already knew that Saudi Arabia were for real, we already knew they were investing in the sport of boxing and that was something very important to us. We have to realize there is another world out there outside of Cardiff and Madison Square Garden. And we have an obligation to grow the sport of boxing to new areas, to new regions. And for me, this event could change boxing forever. Because if Saudi Arabia are going to invest in these kind of fights with the population that they have, with the potential to grow the sport of boxing, you could be seeing a big change in the dynamics of the sport, and that’s something that really, truly excites me.”

Check out the full opening press conference video above...

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