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Shane McGuigan: Luke Campbell has to dent Vasiliy Lomachenko with power

The trainer says Campbell will have to use his physical advantages to best Lomachenko.

Boxing from Philadelphia Photo By Stephen McCarthy / Sportsfile via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Luke Campbell puts the finishing touches on training camp leading into his August 31st fight with Vasily Lomachenko, Campbell’s trainer Shane McGuigan tells Sky Sports that Campbell intends to fight to his advantages by using his size and timing to upset the unified champion.

McGuigan says Campbell will obviously not just try to come forward like Orlando Salido and attempt to wear Lomachenko down with his weight and size, but tells Sky Sports that they’ll instead pick spots to land some power on Lomachenko to make an impression on him.

“We have to take it out of the judges’ hands. When we win rounds we have to win them with a big margin.

“We have to dent him with power, and Luke definitely has the power to dent him.”

McGuigan would continue by saying if there’s a fighter out there with the ability to beat Lomachenko, it’s Luke Campbell. McGuigan isn’t under an illusions that Campbell will simply be able to outbox Lomachenko, though, but does say they’ll try to use Campbell’s height, reach, and timing to get the better of the action.

“How do you negate his speed, ability and technical prowess? We have the size advantage, the power advantage. No, we’re not as quick or agile but we can take that away with range and timing.”

And while there’s no one sparring partner that can adequately impersonate a fighter like Lomachenko, Campbell and his team believe they’ll be prepared enough thanks to high level in-house sparring with Josh Taylor.

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