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Anthony Joshua won’t consider replacing his trainer, but will add to his team

Joshua says he may have lost his belts but not the man he is inside, thanks to his trainer.

Boxing - Madison Square Garden Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Once Anthony Joshua took his first loss against Andy Ruiz, all the criticism started pouring out. Is he still too limited a fighter? Does he need a change in trainer in order to fix his mistakes? Well, if you ask Joshua himself, that’s all a load of rubbish. Fielding a question about whether he should split with longtime trainer Rob McCracken to find somebody new, Joshua says people who even suggest such a thing shouldn’t even bother talking to him.

“How could they say that? I’ve worked with two people in boxing - Sean Murphy, my trainer [at Finchley amateur gym]. Then a year-and-a-half later I was up to Sheffield training with Rob McCracken.

”They have built me, aside from boxing, as the man I am today. A father, a family man, a businessman who understands the responsibility of being a young African-British kid. They built that in me.”

Joshua would continue by saying that you can take his world titles away but not the man he’s become largely thanks to his trainer. He even says that people who think that way are ‘shallow-minded’ individuals.

“Mike Tyson could have lost to anyone but you can’t get rid of [his trainer] Cus D’Amato. People do not truly understand what these people mean to your life.”

With all that said, Joshua does admit that he hopes to bring in ‘new troops’ to this training camp, hoping the reinforcements will get him over the hump this time. And all in all Joshua has been in a pretty fiery mood lately, taking aim at his critics and doubters, and even recently getting into a war of words with Hall of Famer Lennox Lewis. Some view this as evidence of Joshua cracking under the pressure of his must-win rematch with Andy Ruiz, while others sort of like seeing Joshua get impassioned, believing it demonstrates his passion to regain his stature.

We’ll have more answers than speculation on that front once we actually see Joshua in the ring, but in the interim he’s been putting on quite the show.

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