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Vladimir Shishkin impresses on ShoBox, called ‘one to watch’ by Steve Farhood

The Russian super middleweight is climbing the ladder.

Dave Mandel/SHOWTIME

“This is definitely the beginning of something big,” Russian Vladimr Shishkin said Thursday after his ShoBox weigh-in, the day before his bout against DeAndre Ware.

“I feel a responsibility to show a lot and show that I’m one of the better performers in the division. … I know Friday night is a big step for my career. I don’t think about it all the time, but I feel 100 percent prepared and ready, physically and mentally. I’m ready to put on a show, and show that I’m a new name in boxing.”

That’s what he said before. Is that what happened on Friday at Central Park Community Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma?

”My opponent was looking to land the right hand all night he telegraphed it and I saw him looking for it throughout the fight,” said the 28-year-old hitter, who rose to 9-0 in stopping the Ohioan Ware Friday. ”He was very persistent as I hit him with very hard clean punches but he kept coming. Great experience for me and I will keep getting better and better!”

What were some takeaways for the super middleweight — anything he realized he needs to do better? Anything that trainer Sugar Hill told him they’d be drilling when he comes back to camp in Detroit?

”I need to devote more time to defense, work on endurance, and generally work more in America,” said the fighter promoted by Salita Promotions. “I had a great training camp and feel that with each fight and training camp I will improve and get better.

“Training at Kronk with Sugar Hill, every training session revealed something new to me, I took a little bit of everything, I understand everything tactically, but I can’t put it into practice yet, I need to work more with Hill — learn, develop. I am very excited about coming back and training for my next fight.”

I reached out to the esteemed Steve Farhood, who does analysis on the ShoBox programs.

What did he think of Shishkin, who snagged the TKO-8 win over the 31-year-old foe? What was his take on the orthdox fighter and his effort in Oklahoma?

”Shishkin was very impressive against Ware, largely because of how quickly and thoroughly he discouraged Ware, both physically and mentally. Ware is a tough dude, and he was all but out of the fight after one round,” said Farhood, who labeled Shishkin already a “fringe contender.”’

What were his on display strengths and weakness, I asked Farhood.

“Shishkin has excellent footwork for a big guy (he’s 6’1”), and his jab and cross are formidable. Whether he can fight at close range is still to be determined, but he seems strong enough to do so. Added time in Detroit with trainer Sugar Hill Steward will undoubtedly benefit him greatly. He’s certainly one to watch.”

Another tidbit, which may speak to a built-in wisdom inside this kid, is that outside of boxing, he’s studying to be a lawyer.

The better boxers have plans A and B during a combat session. Seems like Shishkin is thinking along those lines outside the ring, as well.

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