El Paso

My heart is broken. There is no other way to describe it. A white supremacist has just murdered 18 people in my hometown, and wounded many others. This domestic terrorist murdered 18 people as an attack on Hispanics, on my people and people who look like me. His hate was stoked by the current rhetoric of the president, who has not only failed to denounce white supremacists, but actively stoked their hatred, describing Mexicans as "rapists" and has furthered the fear of a Hispanic Invasion, of "illegals" and others coming to take your jobs and your women.

I am done. Done with the cowards that support and enable such behavior, done with the hateful bigots and dog-whistlers who actively support it. I have been to that Walmart dozens of times. I drove past it on my way to the airport, unwitting to the massacre which was occurring. It could have been my mom, it could have been my little brother, it could have been me or any of my friends caught in the slaughter. If you have supporters this fear-mongering, or stood complacent and accepted it as it happened, you are responsible. There is no other way to put it. Plenty of cowards have stood by silently and endorsed this hatred, and you know you who are. All the bigots who decided that there was nothing wrong with this country, who defend this hateful president to their last breath, you know who you are. We are reaping what you have sowed. All those who foolishly, naively claimed hate crimes have not raised under this president, and stood listo by, you know who you are. I hope this tragedy, this blatantly clear act of terrorism fueled by hate and white supremacy, will change your mind. I hope you fight tooth and nail for your fellow humans who lost their lives because someone despised their country of origin, and the color of their skin, will come to their senses.

But I have little hope. This is merely a symptom of the hatred which you either a spouse or abide by. This is the logical result of the demonization of Hispanics. If you stand on the sidelines, you are responsible. And if you think you are safe, they will one day come for you. Unless, of course, you are a white male, in which case you have nothing to fear, yet everything to detest, because this domestic terrorist did this in your name. I hope you all think long and hard which side of history you are on. I hope you think of your friends who are now a target for mass murder, and you finally take your blinders off that everything is ok, that this is business as usual, because you have just witnessed an ethnic cleansing in the USA. If your blood doesn’t boil at this, if you do no demand change and accountability, then you have blood on your hands.

My heart is broken, my spirit is afraid, and I am done.

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