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More drama at Golden Boy, with Ryan Garcia at odds with promoter

Canelo Alvarez sounds unhappy with Golden Boy, and now young Ryan Garcia seems to be in that same camp.

Ryan Garcia v Jose Lopez Photo by Tom Hogan/Golden Boy/Getty Images

He is positioned, buzz-wise, as the second-tier star in the Golden Boy Promotions stable, and Ryan Garcia, the social media superstar who is learning the craft with Canelo Alvarez’s trainer, is taking to social media to chirp about his status.

The hitter, who turns 21 on Aug. 8, has adoring fans following his every utterance and drooling over every pic on social. But on Sunday, the 18-0 boxer shared some thoughts regarding his near future.

Understand, this post has to be read in context. This week, we saw a fracture develop and be seen to the naked eye between Canelo Alvarez and promoter Oscar De La Hoya, aka Golden Boy Promotions. The smoke that has been commented upon indeed has bred fire.

Canelo took issue, publicly, with Golden Boy’s handling of his next fight. He isn’t keen to fight GGG a third time, but GBP was on track to make that fight. The redhead felt boxed in and barked at the company for not being completely aligned with him. Also, word is he doesn’t like how Oscar and company got a humongous rights deal from DAZN, because he thinks that deal came about because of him. Where was his taste?

Garcia is now learning the ropes from Eddy Reynoso, Canelo’s tutor, so no surprise, maybe, that his social media blast is out there for all to see. He followed that Tweet with another:

Very, very pointed words for a youngster, alleging that he has to “do the whole promotion.”

This kid has a following that is much grander than just boxing hardcores. In fact, hardcore fans have looked at him side-eyed, feeling he’d been pushed faster than his true talent base deserved.

So this battle is not contained, and GBP is today, it seems, fighting fires on different fronts, in the same vicinity. What others in the stable might feel similarly? Will others make their dissatisfaction known? Or is said dissatisfaction not widespread? Expect more shoes to drop, because momentum is now in the direction of drama.

I asked Golden Boy executive Eric Gomez if he wanted to respond to the Garcia Tweets. “No comment at this time,” Gomez said.

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