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O’Shaquie Foster calls out Gervonta Davis

The twice-beaten 25-year-old is on a six-fight win streak.


Gervonta Davis just got ‘er done and gave the assembled what they wanted, that pound of flesh, in his homecoming contest which ran on Showtime.

The blaster from Baltimore is being positioned as a pay-per-view player in this new era, which is seeing a heavier push toward placement on PPV for the top 1% or 5% of players in the sphere. This push comes about because, hello, revenue generation is what matters most for many of the folks who take part in the business. The fighters want the outsized checks and the programmers and platform providers who aren’t as focused on building an OTT network, want to spur sales so they stay in business.

Now, what fight will be put together to get the PPV portion of Gervonta’s ascending career cooking is up for debate. A name, like a Yuriorkis Gamboa, makes much sense. He’s past his prime, but coming off a win, so he’d be an obvious pick. But me, I confess, I wouldn’t be displeased if Davis and company waited a bit longer, didn’t so much dive into those PPV waters. (Yes, I’m thinking of the cable bills that some of us still absorb, not so happily, which gets more bloated if we pony up that $75.)

So Gervonta needs a next. Turns out we have a volunteer, someone with a solid skills base, who’d be willing to meet Mr. Davis. Indeed, this volunteer sort of blew me away with his level of confidence as he talked about fighting Gervonta. O’Shaquie Foster, from Texas, told BLH he’d sign the contract to fight Gervonta, no ifs or buts.

”I’d take a world champ right now if I could, but they won’t let that happen. I think I’m the best boxer out there. I just don’t have the biggest name yet,” said the 25-year-old fighter. “I promise when I get my title fight it won’t disappoint. The world is gonna be shocked!”

OK, name names, Shaq. Who do you want?

”Tank, since he is the biggest name right now. I want to be the first to beat him. There is levels to this, Mike. Tank simply ain’t on my level. Not even close,” said the pugilist, who holds a 16-2 record. “He got a big name. I got the biggest boxing IQ! I will smoke his lil’ ass. He is easy work. They better never let him fight me. Styles make fights. He’s never gonna be ready for me! Man, I will test his jaw!”

Foster last fought on July 17; the DiBella Entertainment athlete stopped Jesus Bravo (19-1-1). What does Shaq think of Gervonta’s power?

”I fought plenty of guys with power. That shit don’t faze me. That power don’t mean shit against me. He can’t fuck with my defense. This lil’ dude can’t touch me!”

Me, I say book it. I was bowled over by Foster’s confidence.

What does promoter Lou DiBella think? Does he think WBA Fedecentro super feather champ Foster is ready to roll up on Tank, who holds the WBA super feather crown?

”We love it!” the NY-based deal-maker stated.

So, looks like the 24-year-old Davis (22-0, 21 KO) is building a fan base in Baltimore. Would Foster be willing to go to that lion’s den?

Foster replied, “I think that fight would be better in New York. I’d beat his ass anywhere. My only concern is the judges. I might have to knock him out in Baltimore to get the win. Don’t get me wrong. I’d come to his backyard for that belt. I’m taking it no matter what!”

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