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Regis Prograis wants a chance to beat up Adrien Broner before he retires

Prograis says he’s heard Broner talking about him, and wants a chance to settle it.

Regis Prograis v Juan Jose Velasco Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Well, it’s pretty dry out there in the boxing world in terms of news, so lets get into a little nonsense. WBC super lightweight ‘Diamond’ champion Regis Prograis has just recently taken to Twitter to express some thoughts on the lightning rod that is Adrien Broner. Apparently Prograis has caught wind of Broner talking shit about him, so he makes it known that he wants an opportunity to beat the brakes off Broner before Broner leaves the sport.

As a little backstory, Broner had another episode this week on social media, claiming he was retiring from boxing in order to flip some bricks. Broner would, of course, take it all back just a short time later, which was fully expected and thus never taken seriously to begin with.

But as far as Prograis is concerned, he just wants that smoke...

“So I see Adrien Broner talking shit again,” Prograis said. “Fuckin’ he can beat me, I’m garbage and all that bullshit. Adrien, you’re a fuckin’ clown first off. Nobody take you serious in the boxing world. You shit-water. You called me garbage, well you’re below me, you’re shit-water. And you ain’t win a fight since Adrian Granados, and bitch you barely won that.

“Look, talking all of that shit, I’ma take care of my business first, do what I gotta do, then bitch I wanna see you. Don’t talk about you bout to retire and all that shit, you want a brick and all that. No, bitch. You called me out, I want my rounds first.”

Prograis is currently slated to take on Josh Taylor later this year in the final round of the World Boxing Super Series, easily one of the best match-ups in 2019.

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