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Eddie Hearn on Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin: Bob Arum providing terrible fights nobody wants to watch

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Hearn gives his take on Tyson Fury’s upcoming fight with Otto Wallin.

In a brief interview with Fight Hub TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn reacts to Tyson Fury’s upcoming fight against little known Otto Wallin and says it must be really bothering Bob Arum that he’s making shows that no one’s interested in.

So far Fury’s fight this weekend has generated absolutely zero buzz...

Hearn on Fury-Wallin:

“You’ve got to respect Fury for getting that deal with Top Rank. Bob Arum can’t be able to sleep at night, because he’s providing terrible fights that no one wants to watch.”

On Top Rank saying they tried to secure a better opponent for Fury but couldn’t:

“They tried but they didn’t wanna pay the money. Povetkin accepted the fight for a certain amount of money, didn’t wanna pay it...they could’ve gotten any heavyweight they wanted if they would’ve paid the right money. They ain’t got no money left to pay because they gave it all to Fury.”