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Oscar De La Hoya: Anthony Joshua won’t correct anything in Andy Ruiz rematch

De La Hoya explains why he sees Andy Ruiz repeating against Anthony Joshua.

In this short video interview with Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya, he talks about his thoughts on the upcoming Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua rematch, why he thinks it plays out the same way, and if he would ever hold a big fight in Saudi Arabia. Check it out...

On the Ruiz-Joshua rematch:

“I think we’re gonna have the same result. I think Andy Ruiz probably has his number, the fact that I think Ruiz is gonna get better. He’s gonna get faster, probably stronger. I don’t think Anthony Joshua is gonna correct anything. I mean, he’s been fighting the same way for all these years, so as a fighter it doesn’t make me think that he can maybe change things up. But who knows in boxing, when you’re a heavyweight, and he has that heavy punch, anything can change. But I just think that Ruiz has the better chin and has less distractions than what Joshua has.”

On that fight being staged in Saudi Arabia and if he would ever follow suit:

“Absolutely. I mean if the opportunity presented itself with a Canelo or with any world champion that we have, then why not? I think they’ve proved it that it can be safe, they’ve been there and held press conferences and they’ve held other events like the WWE, I believe the UFC, so yeah, we have no problem.”

On what he thinks the most difficult thing is about staging a big fight in a country not known for prizefighting:

“I think you have to take a look at, you know, the commissions, is it safe? The safety of the fighters I think is most important. Are they prepared for any type of situation that might take place. It’s unknown. It’s an untapped market — meaning, fine, if you have a guarantee and maybe a promoter doesn’t really care what tickets they sell. But what’s most is to make sure fighter safety is well taken care of, meaning is the commission well prepared to handle any type of situation? That’s what I see.”

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