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Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin: Live streaming results, round by round, and discussion

Tyson Fury takes on Otto Wallin tonight in Las Vegas.

Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin - Weigh-In Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Round By Round

Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin

Round 1: Fury parries a number of Wallin jabs and flicks a half-hearted jab himself. Fury feints on the outside and skirts along the ropes. Fury lands a jab this time as he doubles it up. Walling lands a left hand to Fury’s chest. Jab to the body lands for Fury. Fury jabs to the body again and then skips away as Wallin tries to engage him. Slow round. Fury 10-9.

Round 2: Fury paws with a few jabs and steps to the side. Fury switches southpaw and rolls a few shots from Wallin. Right jab partially lands for Fury. Wallin tries to jab to the body but can’t land it. Wallin lands a good body shot on Fury. Fury is defending but not throwing much. Wallin looks back down to the body with a jab. Wallin throws a combination at Fury with Fury in the corner but Fury rolls most of all the shots. Counter left lands for Fury that stuns. Fury 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Fury reaches with a long jab that doesn’t quite find the mark. Fury lands a counter right hand at center ring. Now Fury misses on a right uppercut as Wallin steps in. Jab lands upstairs for Fury. Counter left to the body lands for Wallin. Hard right hand lands upstairs for Fury, then a jab. Fury now has a cut along the ride side of his face from an apparent punch from Wallin. It’s a pretty nasty cut. Wallin 10-9.

Round 4: Fury skirts the outside of the ring as Fury has a big cut on his right eye. Left hand from Wallin partially lands upstairs. Fury paws at the cut on his face as the blood drips down his eye. Fury stalks Wallin with a little more urgency now lands a jab to the body. Another grazing left hand from Wallin lands upstairs. Fury is clearly bothered by the cut as he continually paws at the blood. Straight left to the body lands for Wallin. Wallin 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Fury seems to think his cut was from a head clash but replays clearly show otherwise. Jab lands upstairs from Fury. Double jab comes from Fury to the body. Wallin throws a left hand upstairs but can’t land the shot clean. Fury tries to cut Wallin off and throws a big right hand that doesn’t land clean. Right uppercut lands clean for Fury. There’s not much clean or sustained action in this fight. Fury 10-9.

Round 6: Left to the body lands for Wallin to start the round. Another body shot lands for Wallin and Fury ties him up. Two more body shots land for Wallin and Fury tries to counter with a shot before tying up to force a break. Fury ducks down into a Wallin shot. Fury ducks down low and forces the referee to call a break on the inside while Wallin is working. Referee calls a timeout to look at Fury’s cut. Fury says he can see so the fight continues. Fury tries to throw a quick flurry knowing he can’t afford to have this fight stopped on the cut. Wallin throws a jab upstairs. Fury is bleeding really bad from that cut. Wallin rubs at Fury’s cut on the inside during the break. Wow! Wallin 10-9, 57-57.

Round 7: Wallin jabs twice and throws a big left hand. Fury knows he’s in danger of having this fight stopped and is looking to throw some big shots at Wallin now. Counter left hand lands for Fury. Left hand lands upstairs for Wallin. Fury whacks away at Wallin’s body as he leans on him in the corner. Right hand from Fury knocks Wallin into the ropes. Another big left lands for Fury upstairs! Straight left hand from Wallin partially lands. Fury throws three punches on the inside. Now Wallin lands a clean body shot. Fury 10-9.

Round 8: Fury measures with a couple of jabs and then partially lands one upstairs. Jab lands for Fury again as Wallin looks to get in to punching range, and once he does Fury ties him up. Two body shots land well for Fury. Short left hand lands upstairs for Wallin. Counter left hand lands for Wallin and opens Fury’s cut even more. Fury continues to stalk and throws three punches before leaning on Wallin on the ropes. Fury 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Right hand from Fury lands upstairs as Fury throws a flurry of hard punches. Wallin walks into a right hand from Fury as he steps inside. Counter left hook lands for Fury now. Wallin throws a straight left to the chest but Fury soon smothers his attack. Right hand lands clean for Fury upstairs. Fury charges forward with a few more shots that put Wallin in the corner. Right hand lands for Fury twice and Wallin waves him on. Fury 10-9.

Round 10: Wallin measure with a jab but Fury throws a powerful flurry of punches that punishes Wallin along the ropes! Fury wings another right hand but can’t land that one clean. Straight left partially lands for Wallin but he has no more power on his shots. Hard body shot lands for Fury, who leans on Wallin as tries to break him one way or another. Fury throws a few more hooks with Wallin on the ropes. Fury 10-9, 97-93.

Round 11: Fury throws two shots and then holds immediately. Fury flicks another jab and then a counter right as Wallin steps in. Left hand lead partially lands for Wallin but he eats a big right hand that buckles his knees along the ropes. Left uppercut lands for Fury, who then pushes Wallin into the ropes. Jab partially lands for Fury. Wallin tries a straight left to the body that doesn’t land clean. Fury lands a hard left to the body that puts Wallin back on the ropes. Fury 10-9.

Round 12: Fury measures with his jab as he presses Wallin back towards the ropes again. Short combination comes from Fury and Wallin ties him up. Hard counter left hand lands clean for Wallin and Fury is hurt! Fury grabs hold and Wallin tries to pour in on Fury! Fury grabs hold of Wallin again. Wallin stalks Fury as he literally smells blood and Fury is just trying to keep Wallin off of him now. Fury continues to wrap Wallin up as he knows he’s in trouble. The right side of Fury’s face is a mess! Wallin 10-9. I’ve got it scored for Fury 116-112, but he needs some serious time off to let that cut heal.

Emanuel Navarrate vs Juan Miguel Elorde

Round 1: Elorde falls short on a body shot to start the fight. Combination comes from Elorde that knocks Navarrete off balance. Two long jabs come from Navarrete that miss, Navarrete partially lands the third jab. Jab gets parried by Elorde. Navarrete lands a left hand to the body. Left hand lands down to the body for Elorde now. Navarrete misses on a lead right hand. I think I’m going to lean towards Elorde in the opening round. Elorde 10-9.

Round 2: Elorde comes out with a number of body shots and lands a couple of them prett well. Double jab comes from Navarrete as Elorde tries to slip away. Double left hook come from Elorde to the body and head. Counter right hand partially lands for Navarrete, then another that stuns Elorde. Check hook lands for Navarrete. Right hand from Navarrete lands down to the body now, then another. Elorde is still hurt. Lunging left hook lands for Navarrete. Uppercut lands for Navarrete and Elode retreats. Left hook to the body lands for Navarrete, then a right hand downstairs at the bell. Navarrete 10-9.

Round 3: Body shots land for Elorde to open the round. Navarrete gets back to his jab but Elorde closes the distance and lands a couple more body shots. Jab partially lands for Navarrete. Elorde eats a shot and then ties up. Right hand lead lands clean for Navarrete. Counter left uppercut lands clean for Navarrete, then a right hand back down to the body. Elorde is taking some hellacious shots now. Right hook lands for Navarrete upstairs around the guard. Elorde is bleeding from his nose pretty good now. Jab to the body lands for Navarrete. Now Navarrete lands two right hand leads to the head of Elorde. Hard left hook makes Elorde stumble into the ropes and the referee rules it a knockdown. Elorde is fucked up! Navarrete 10-8.

Round 4: Elorde didn’t look to be in a good way to end that last round. A couple of body shots come from Elorde but that only serves to piss off Navarrete, who loads up on big shots and the referee immediately steps in to halt the fight! Navarrete TKO-4.

Jose Pedraza vs Jose Zepeda

Round 1: Pedraza leads with a jab and then tries to counter Zepeda. Zepeda counters with his own shot and lands one. Zepeda misses on a jab to the body and Pedraza responds with a couple punches. Now Zepeda lands a good left hand to the body. Pedraza tries to lead with a right hand that misses, and Zepeda lands a clean right jab from his southpaw stance. Another clean jab lands for Zepeda. Another nice jab lands well for Zepeda. Pedraza stuggles to find the range down the stretch. Zepeda 10-9.

Round 2: Pedraza comes out stalking and Zepeda sticks a jab upstairs. Pedraza throws a couple of punches but misses as Zepeda ducks. Two body shots land on the inside for Pedraza. Zepeda continues to work his jab and then tries to counter with an uppercut. Straight left hand lands to the body for Zepeda. Check hook partially lands for Pedraza this time. Zepeda counters a Pedraza punch with a short combination. I like Zepeda in this round as well. Zepeda 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Straight right hand lands to the body for Pedraza. Clean counter left hand lands to the body lands for Zepeda. Another left hand counter lands for Zepeda. Sharp left hand lands clean to Pedraza’s face. Pedraza continues to try to pressure Zepeda but Zepeda lands two body shots on the inside. Zepeda is cleanly outboxing Pedraza in these early rounds. Now Pedraza lands a counter left hand during an exchange. Zepeda follows that up with a couple more punches until the bell rings. Zepeda 10-9.

Round 4: One-one-two partially lands for Zepeda. Clean jab lands upstairs for Zepeda. Zepeda tries another one-one-two but Pedraza ducks the shots better this time around. Clean jab lands for Zepeda. Pedraza is still walking forward but he’s not getting much done. Jab from Zepeda picks off Pedraza as he walks in. Zepeda is really working Pedraza here. Zepeda 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Pedraza lands a right hand to open the round. Zepeda tries to counter with a left hand, misses, but then lands a couple of good shots to follow it up. Jab lands upstairs for Zepeda. Hard left hand lands down to the body as Pedraza walks in again. Pedraza continues to walk into punches from Zepeda as he comes straight forward. Check hook lands for Zepeda. Now Pedraza lands a couple of shots on the inside. Pedraza did better work here but I still edge it to Zepeda. Zepeda 10-9.

Round 6: Pedraza gets on the inside right away and starts working both hands. Short uppercut lands well for Pedraza to the body. Pedraza slips a few shots from Zepeda who eats another clean body shot from Pedraza. One-two from Zepeda gets blocked. Right hook to the body lands for Pedraza. Another right hand lands downstairs for Pedraza. Jab lands for Pedraza this time. Pedraza goes right back down to the body with a couple of shots. Zepeda isn’t keeping Pedraza off of him as effectively as he was earlier. Pedraza 10-9, 55-59.

Round 7: Zepeda comes out popping his jab but Pedraza throws a couple right back in return. Zepeda throws another jab but eats a counter hook from Pedraza. Pedraza presses forward and blocks two shots from Zepeda. Double jab lands for Pedraza. Now Zepeda throws two jabs but misses. Jab to the body lands for Zepeda. Pedraza lands a clean jab followed by a right hook upstairs from a southpaw stance. Zepeda throws a few big punches but Pedraza ducks them. Zepeda catches Pedraza with shot a moment later. I’m going to edge this to Pedraza. Pedraza 10-9.

Round 8: Jab lands for Pedraza to open the round. Counter left hand lands for Pedraza as he continues to fight from a southpaw stance. Pedraza blocks a couple of shots from Zepeda and then lands one in return. One-two partially lands for Pedraza. Zepeda tries to counter with a left hand but doesn’t land it clean. Zepeda looks like he might’ve hit a wall since halfway through the fight. Clean jab lands for Zepeda upstairs. Hard left hand followed by two more punches land for Pedraza and pushes Zepeda back to the ropes. Pedraza 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Zepeda tries a jab to the body that doesn’t land. Now Zepeda lands a jab upstairs. Zepeda throws a combination of punches that momentarily pushes Pedraza back. Zepeda throws a few more punches as Pedraza tries to cover up and smother. Jab lands for Zepeda again upstairs. One-two comes from Zepeda and Pedraza covers up again. Counter left hand lands for Pedraza. Pedraza’s right eye looks swollen pretty badly, and his left eye isn’t far behind. Body shots land for Zepeda. Zepeda 10-9.

Round 10: Last round. Left hand partially lands to the body for Pedraza. Clean shots land upstairs for Zepeda, Pedraza tries to dig down to the body. Left hand lands to the body for Zepeda. Pedraza throws an overhand that makes a little contact and follows it up with a body shot. One-two from Zepeda partially lands. Left hand lead lands for Zepeda. Now Zepeda has a cut on his face. Both fighters trade and try to turn it up to the final bell. Zepeda 10-9. I’ve got it for Zepeda, 97-93.

Tyson Fury returns to action tonight, as the LINEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! heavyweight champion of the world puts his non-title on the imaginary line against unproven Swede Otto Wallin in an ESPN+ main event from Las Vegas.

Prelims start at 7:30 pm ET, with the three-fight main card set to begin at 11 pm ET. Wil Esco will be on for round-by-round coverage of the main card.

Fury, 31, is coming off of his electrifying and exhilarating stoppage of the dangerous Tom Schwarz on June 15, making a quick turnaround to take on Wallin, a 28-year-old who almost fought BJ Flores recently and is, by all accounts, pretty tall.

The co-feature will see Emanuel Navarrete defend his WBO super bantamweight title against Juan Miguel Elorde, and former super featherweight and lightweight titleholder Jose Pedraza will take on Jose Zepeda in an interesting junior welterweight matchup.

Here’s the full card:

Prelims (ESPN+, 7:30 pm ET)

  • Carlos Cuadras (38-3-1, 27 KO) vs Jose Maria Cardenas (17-4, 14 KO), super flyweights, 10 rounds
  • Gabriel Flores Jr (14-0, 6 KO) vs Miguel Angel Aispuro (12-8-2, 8 KO), lightweights, 8 rounds
  • Felix Valera (18-2, 15 KO) vs Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (20-2, 17 KO), light heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Isaac Lowe (18-0-3, 6 KO) vs Ruben Garcia Hernandez (25-4-2, 11 KO), super featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Isidro Ochoa (7-0, 3 KO) vs Iskander Kharsan (6-0, 5 KO), super bantamweights, 8 rounds
  • Guido Vianello (4-0, 4 KO) vs Cassius Anderson (7-1, 3 KO), heavyweights, 6 rounds
  • Abraham Martinez (7-0, 5 KO) vs Kevin Johnson (7-1, 4 KO), junior welterweights, 6 rounds

Main Card (ESPN+, 11:00 pm ET)

  • Tyson Fury (28-0-1, 20 KO) vs Otto Wallin (20-0, 13 KO), heavyweights, 12 rounds
  • Emanuel Navarrete (28-1, 24 KO) vs Juan Miguel Elorde (28-1, 15 KO), super bantamweights, 12 rounds
  • Jose Pedraza (26-2, 13 KO) vs Jose Zepeda (30-2, 25 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds

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