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Fury vs Wallin: Pros react to Tyson Fury’s bloody decision win over Otto Wallin

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Andy Ruiz Jr, Lennox Lewis, and others give quick thoughts on Tyson Fury’s victory.

Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Tyson Fury was expected to cruise tonight against Otto Wallin, at least by most fans and pundits, but the big “Gypsy King” had to overcome an ugly gash and a determined opponent tonight in Las Vegas, which he did, getting the decision win.

Boxing Twitter usually lights up immediately after a big fight, but being quite frank, this fight didn’t have a lot of buzz going in, and there may not have been too many pros watching it.

One who did, though, was WBA/WBO/IBF titleholder Andy Ruiz Jr. Fury has said he could beat Ruiz with one hand tied behind his back, and Ruiz took the opportunity tonight to respond to that claim:

It’s a good little jab from Ruiz, not too aggressive or personal, but a reminder to anyone who might take Fury’s (obviously joking) claim seriously, boxing is hard, and heavyweight boxing is full of surprises.

Aside from Ruiz, some other notables shared their thoughts, including Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno, and Amir Khan: