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Bob Arum: Eddie Hearn don’t know sh*t about boxing or America!

The Hall of Fame promoter unleashes a tirade against his ‘friend.’

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During the post-fight press conference following Tyson Fury’s win over Otto Wallin this weekend, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum talks a bit about the dramatics of that fight and then makes it a point to make a shout out to another promoter...

“I wanna do a shout out to my friend Eddie Hearn, who one thing you know about Eddie — he don’t know shit about boxing. He really doesn’t. He just goes from the mouth. You know, and he doesn’t know a thing about America. That’s the truth. You’ve gotta listen to what he said in New York. He criticized me for the stuff I said about the horrible way we treat Mexicans in this country and he said — listen to this — he said ‘the young people aren’t interested in that.’

“Well the young people from Liverpool and Manchester might not be interested in it because they don’t know enough about it. But the young people in this country: Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Caucasians, every kind of group, any kind of people that have any sense of humanity care about the horrible way we’re treating Mexicans. Really it’s something that even young people are more involved in than older people.”

On Oscar De La Hoya being critical of him:

“What did he say? I mean, I enjoy working with his company because, you know, we have two out of the next four fights have fighters from Golden Boy, which shows their cooperation. I think maybe what’s behind it is he’s having problems with Canelo. And so, you gotta blame somebody. And trust me, I’ve never even met Canelo, I’ve never talked to him, I’ve never seen him in person. Right? So, I mean, you can blame me — there’s always somebody to blame other than yourself.”

On if he was gravely concerned once he saw Tyson Fury get cut badly:

“He’s one of our fighters and if that fight had been stopped, his plans have been derailed. Forget about my plans, they don’t matter anymore, they really don’t. It’s the fighters, the fighters who we promote. So yeah, I was concerned.”

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