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Anthony Mundine-John Wayne Parr official for November 30th

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Parr, a standout kickboxer, has not boxed in 16 years

Jeff Horn v Anthony Mundine: River City Rumble Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Australian veteran Anthony Mundine retired last November after a one-sided loss to Jeff Horn, but he’ll be back in the ring after exactly one year away. The 44-year-old former champion is set to face 43-year-old local kickboxing great John Wayne Parr on November 30th in Robina, Queensland, Australia

Parr (10-3, 10 KO) hasn’t competed as a boxer in 16 years, losing a 2003 unanimous decision to Sakio Bika in his most recent effort. He’s been plenty busy in his sport of choice, though, amassing a career record of 99-33 and founding the Caged Muay Thai promotion, which features the titular competition in four-ounce gloves.

Mundine (48-9, 28 KO) is many, many years past his best, but should still be favored in this domestic grudge match by dint of actually being a full-time boxer for the last couple decades. Still better than Mayweather-Nasukawa, at least.

I know the Muay Thai-to-boxing pipeline has been around for ages, but we’re definitely seeing an increased number of top non-Thai kickboxers plying their trades in other sports. The intrigue in this one is sort of lessened by the age, I’ll admit.