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De La Hoya: Terence Crawford might not make Hall of Fame because Bob Arum can’t get him a fight

Oscar De La Hoya explains why he sort of feels bad for Terence Crawford.

In this media scrum caught by Fight Hype, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks a little about the recent drama with a couple of his notable fighters and why he feels bad for Terence Crawford, whom he says Bob Arum is doing a disservice.

De La Hoya on the recent turmoil he’s had with some of his prominent fighters:

“We have a huge target on our back, everybody wants a piece of us. And we just have to be careful and strategize and be smarter than them. Look, Bob Arum, he was like fantasizing about Canelo, he was like salivating over him. Right? And then he has [Terence] Crawford — what is he doing for him?!

“He’s not doing anything for him! I actually feel kinda bad that Crawford might not even get to the Hall of Fame one day because Bob can’t get him a fight! So, look, Canelo’s with us, Team Golden Boy for many more years. Ryan Garcia is with Team Golden Boy for many more years, Bob Arum or whoever’s out there, stop salivating, leave our fighters alone and let us do our job.”

On how he settled his feud with Ryan Garcia:

“We just talked it over. That’s it...We re-signed him. We re-signed him to a very lucrative contract and we’re extremely happy and he’s gonna fight November 2nd on the undercard against [Romero] Duno.”

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