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Gary Russell Jr. threatens Leo Santa Cruz, says he can touch his father

Russell Jr. goes full goon in an attempt to land a Santa Cruz fight.

Gary Russell Jr. v Joseph Diaz Jr. Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

WBC featherweight titleholder Gary Russell Jr. must want a fight with Leo Santa Cruz even more than we thought, because he took to social media to call out the Mexican fighter in the most threateningly goonish move I’ve seen since 50 Cent pulled up on DJ Khaled’s mother a decade ago.

Russell films himself as he poses with Santa Cruz’s father, who’s had a pretty well publicized battle with cancer — and also doesn’t speak a lick of English — as he calls out his son for a fight.

“Stop ducking me,” Gary Russell would say into the camera with his arm around the elder Santa Cruz. “Come see me. I want you. I want you. I’m in arm’s reach — I can touch him. I can put my hands on him, Leo.

“So if you want some smoke I’m not playing not games with nothin’ moving. Don’t think ya’ll can pop up, and run around, and hide and disappear. Stop actin’ like a sucker and come see me, before I go get your father.

“I already put my hands on him, I could’ve put him in a [choke hold] for real for real, if I wanted to. Stop playin’ with me, shorty. Grow some nuts, grow some cojones — however you wanna call it — come see me, man.”

I mean, Good God Almighty. Is this even a sport anymore? Is Gary going to extort Leo into signing this fight under duress? I have so many questions...

But honestly though, how can Leo not fight him after this blatant assault on his machismo?

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