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Spence vs Porter scorecards: See how the judges got to the split decision

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Errol Spence Jr took a split decision over Shawn Porter. See how the judges arrived there.

Errol Spence Jr. v Shawn Porter Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Tonight’s fight between Errol Spence Jr and Shawn Porter wasn’t an easy one to score, with Spence winding up with a hard-earned split decision over 12 rounds of action.

Spence (26-0, 21 KO) is now the unified IBF and WBC titleholder at 147 pounds, but Porter (30-3-1, 17 KO) lost no respect for the outing, giving the 29-year-old from Texas his hardest fight as a professional.

Thanks to Mike Coppinger, here’s a look at the judges’ official scorecards:

Rey Danseco and Steve Weisfeld both had it 116-111, eight rounds to four, for Errol Spence Jr, while Larry Hazzard Jr had it 115-112, also eight rounds to four, for Shawn Porter.

All three judges had the 11th round 10-8 for Spence, of course, when Errol dropped Porter with a hard left hand. And all three judges also gave the 12th and final round to Spence.

Through the first three rounds, Porter led on two cards, 29-28 and 30-27, while Spence led on Weisfeld’s card, 29-28. Halfway through the fight, the scores were 58-56 Spence, 58-56 Porter, and 57-57, so it was all in play at that point.

Through nine rounds, Weisfeld and Danseco both had it 96-94 Spence, while Hazzard had it 98-92 Porter, which is a pretty crazy wide Porter score for that point in the fight, in all honesty.

How did you score it? Interaction, et cetera.