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Kenny Porter reacts to son’s loss to Errol Spence, unhappy with number of low blows

The trainer gives his immediate reaction to their split decision loss.

In the immediate aftermath of Shawn Porter’s split decision loss to Errol Spence over the weekend, Porter’s father/trainer Kenny gives his quick thoughts on what transpired inside the ring. Check it out...

Kenny Porter on his reaction to the fight:

“It’s more evident now that they gotta give him more credit for what he did and what he does. I’m not in agreement with that wide score — what was it? — I thought all the rounds were pretty close. Of course that one that Errol definitely took when Shawn’s hand touched the canvas. But all the rounds were close. I could’ve seen it being a draw but I damn sure didn’t see 116-[111].”

On what Shawn said to him following the knockdown:

“He said ‘Damn!’ [laughs]. I don’t know what perspective you seen it at — it wasn’t a full fledged knockdown. He did get touched and he touched [the canvas] but he didn’t even really have to take his body weight and push off the floor. His hand literally just grazed the canvas but it’s boxing, Errol landed a good shot.”

On how is experience with Spence in the amateurs affected his game plan for this fight:

“It wasn’t that that helped us so much — that was 2011. Okay? And I wouldn’t say it helped us so much, but what I did notice and what I seen was that the heart that Errol has made him try to fight a fight that was more geared towards Shawn. If he was using his reach more he might’ve had cleaner fight that you could score and say Errol was in more control. But because Shawn was in close and getting good body shots off, which I’m now hearing that he like wasn’t getting any credit for his body shots on the CompuBox scores that was popping up. But whatever the case may be, I wanna go back and look at it, see what it looks like...”

On what they’ll do if they can’t land a rematch with Spence:

“We’re not getting a rematch. I know Errol’s not gonna take that fight. We’ll take any of the top welterweights that wanna fight. It could be Pacquiao, it could be Terence Crawford...”

On if Porter currently has the best resume at welterweight:

“Yes, he definitely does...and as Errol says ‘all his fights are close,’ well guess what Errol, your fight was close.”

On what Shawn said about Spence’s power:

“He didn’t say anything about his punch but damn, we took a lot of low blows tonight. I know ya’ll had to see those. Man, we took a lot of low blows. I said a dozen, somebody said ‘oh no, it was well more than a dozen low blows.’ And I said to the ref ‘he keeps hitting us low’ and the ref said ‘well Shawn’s got his shorts up high, there’s nothing I can do about it.’”

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