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Anthony Joshua: I think first fight was the best Andy Ruiz I’ll see

Joshua talks about how he’s feeling leading into his big rematch with Andy Ruiz.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following his recent press conference, former heavyweight titleholder Anthony Joshua fields a few questions from Fight Hub TV about his upcoming December 7th rematch with Andy Ruiz. Check it out...

Anthony Joshua on how he’s feeling entering this rematch:

“Ok, you look at it like this: you get the win, you move on the to next. I lost, same mindset, I move on to the next. I’ve been in the ring with many a champions, former champions, and now I’m fighting another champion in Andy Ruiz, a good challenger, a good competitor, a good champion, an all-around athlete and I’m gonna go in there and handle business December 7th.”

On if he’s watched replays of their first fight and if it’s hard to watch:

“Oh yeah, ‘cause it just doesn’t seem like the normal me in there. That’s why I just have to, you know, watch it with a bit of pain, you know what I mean? But I’m gonna have to watch it more and more as the weeks go on ‘cause that’s the fight I’m gonna analyze and study. I think that’s the best Ruiz that I would see and I’ve gotta correct my wrongs, man. Look at his rights, what he’s done well, look at what I done wrong. Get my rights to match his rights and go a little bit above and beyond.

“And I feel like when he makes his mistakes, ‘cause I know his level, anything beneath that I’ll be able to capitalize on in a heartbeat.”

On if he now feels a sense of relief being that he’s already lost his undefeated record and his belt so doesn’t have the same kind of pressure on him:

“I don’t wanna say that because it’s easy to say that. It’s easy for me to be like ‘yeah, that’s right’ but you’ve got to look at it from every aspect and if I look at it from that aspect, yeah, there is that sense to it, to say ‘you know what, I have got a weight off my shoulders’, but I’m fighting to put that weight back on my shoulders in a crazy way. So what is this life? What is it all about?

“It’s like a roller coaster and you’ve just got to be mentally strong. So I’m ready to rock-n-roll again, it’s what I love to do.”

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