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Adam Kownacki names possible opponents for March 7 return fight

There are two names you might and expect and one you might not have possibly in the mix to face the Polish-American heavyweight on March 7.

Adam Kownacki v Chris Arreola Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Barclays Center will be drenched in red in the stands, if not so much the ring, necessarily, on March 7.

Fans of the Polish Power, Adam Kownacki — he of the everyman build and pleasant demeanor, to go with a high work rate and seemingly A-grade chin — will be wearing red and waving their flags and screaming half their lungs out to help push the 20-0 (15 KO) boxer to a victory.

He will headline, against for TBD/TBA, for the second straight time at the Brooklyn barn.

So I reached out to the Polish-born hitter, who grew up in Brooklyn and now lives on Long Island, where he enjoys married life and diaper duty with a baby boy.

“We should lock someone in the the next couple of weeks,” Kownacki said. “It will be someone from the top 20.”

I did my Woodsy the Owl imitation; whooo, whooo?

“I wouldn’t mind beating up Dominic Breazeale for all the shit he’s been talking,” Kownacki said. “After the Wilder knockout I thought he would learn to be humble. Guess some cats never learn. I heard Christian Hammer’s name being mentioned. Sam Jones, the manager of Joe Joyce, keeps bringing up my name.”

OK, wow, Joyce, OK. Does AK Babyface think the Brit wants that sort of step up?

“I don’t know, he knows my manager’s number! Probably should call him, not post about it on Twitter,” he postulated.

And a Hammer fight appeals to him?

”He is currently ranked No. 6 in the WBA, so a win against him would probably move me closer to a title shot.”

So, he will stay in shape, work on the craft, and enjoy more time with lil’ Kazimierz Kownacki, born on Aug. 25, as an ultra mini-flyweight, eight-and-a-half pounds.

“It’s been a blessing,” Adam shared. “He talks our ears off every morning. He is our alarm clock. Yapping for a couple of hours in the morning!”

A cheery boy, then?

“100%. Stubborn, too, though.”

Ohhhh — like him,or like the mama?

“Both,” he said, cracking up.

Readers, you have a preference on who Kownacki should clash with in the feature March 7, which will screen on FOX? Talk to me!

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