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Tevin Farmer undergoes CT scan following loss to Joseph Diaz Jr, reported to be OK

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There was some concern about Farmer’s behavior in the ring on Thursday night, but things look OK at this time.

Demetrius Andrade v Luke Keeler Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Philly fighter Tevin Farmer will soon be back home, resting, and pondering his Thursday evening loss to JoJo Diaz, which unfolded in Miami on DAZN.

There was, is, and will be plenty to ruminate on. Diaz fought hard and smart and kept his energy through 12 rounds of action. He worked through a humongous gash on his left eye after a clash of heads in round two, and swayed the judges. By scores of 115-113, 115-113, 116-112, Diaz became the owner of the IBF 130-pound crown, and so the 30-5-1 Farmer is now feeling what it’s like to not be a world champ.

But questions and issues larger than mere wins and losses emerged in Miami, when Farmer was transported to a local hospital after the Diaz fight.

Many people in the audience, on site and watching on a screen, had noted that Farmer didn’t look right, didn’t look like the version of the pugilist who’d won that vacant strap over Billy Dib in Aug. 2018.

Specifically, Farmer was blinking hard, and it seemed like he was dealing with involuntary tics when his head would jerk upward, chin up, periodically.

The blinking was remarked upon by the DAZN broadcast team, and Farmer’s promoter Lou DiBella — who told me he thinks the world of Tevin, loves his spirit and character — also noticed it. Some people messaged him and said they, too, picked up on these “tics,” or whatever the eye and head motions should be referred to. That’s why, he told me, he directed that Farmer, age 29, go to hospital and get checked out.

“Tevin had a CT scan,” said DiBella on Friday afternoon, and the ex-champ was assessed and monitored to make certain he didn’t suffer a severe head injury versus Diaz, who holds a 31-1 mark. The scan showed no abnormalities, DiBella shared, and so the fighter was able to leave the medical facility before 3 am ET on Friday morning.

DiBella said that he will travel to meet Farmer in Pennsylvania after the pugilist gets some time to rest up. DiBella declined to discuss the tics, blinking and head jerking any further, citing Farmer’s privacy rights. Since a CT scan isn’t a complete neurological evaluation, it is reasonable to anticipate that Farmer will go through more comprehensive neurological testing before a contracted rematch with newly-crowned champ Diaz.

Some matters are more pressing than title belts and wins and losses in a boxing ring.