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Wilder vs Fury 2 press conference will happen, according to PBC

Despite Bob Arum saying there won’t be one, PBC say there will be.

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Fear not, Twitterati, Deontay Wilder will indeed be front and center, and active as all heck in hyping his Feb. 22 sequel scrap against Tyson Fury, the long, tall Traveller who has been building his fan base in America since signing on to the Top Rank platform.

I’ve seen and heard chatter referring to Wilder — the WBC heavyweight bossman whose aura got upped a few notches with his steam-roll job on Luis Ortiz last month — and how he supposedly won’t be doing a press tour for the re-do to the Dec. 2018 draw.

Rubbish, says Tim Smith, the PBC media relations executive.

“He’ll do plenty of press for the fight,” Smith told me, when I asked if there was anything to this rumor.

”Would you have paid attention to or attended anything during the holidays? No. I’m sure you relished the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. You would have been cursing us for setting up stuff during the holiday season and missing out on that.”

(OK, no, I would not have cursed. I save the eff bombs for more worthy targets. If there’s a presser I can’t hit, it is what it is!)

“Who said there wasn’t going to be a press conference?” Smith asked, rhetorically. “Announcements about a press conference and the like are forthcoming. I’m glad so many people are interested in whether there is a press conference or not. That’s a good sign.”

Oh, I had forwarded Smith this Tweet:

His response to that?

”Twitter. Wow!”

So, there ya go, now ya know. Expect some news and specifics about events to draw attention to what will be one of the two or three most anticipated fights of 2020, no matter what other scraps get booked after this collision.

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