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Eddie Reynoso: Ryan Garcia needs one or two more fights before facing Jorge Linares

Garcia’s trainer admits he doesn’t think his fighter is quite ready for a fight with Linares.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV takes some time to chat with trainer Eddie Reynoso on one of his new fighters, Ryan Garcia. Check out some of his thoughts about a potential fight between Garcia and former champion Jorge Linares.

Reynoso on mixed fan reaction regarding a potential fight between Ryan Garcia and Jorge Linares, with some believing Linares is ripe for the picking while others believe Linares is still too experienced for Garcia at this stage.

“Jorge Linares isn’t the same as before. He had a lot of wars and the (recent) loss. I still think he’s a dangerous opponent for Ryan. I think he needs one or two more fights before facing Linares. Hopefully we’ll see the fight in May or September but he’s in line. It would be a good test for Ryan.”

On if he’s saying that as his trainer he’d advise Garcia to not fight Linares right away (which obviously isn’t happening with Linares just being lined up to face Carlos Morales in February):

“I’m the trainer and I’m the one who accepts the fight and if not I won’t train him. I don’t like taking fights that my fighter picks and I don’t agree with them. So I think right now is not the time to face Jorge Linares. We need one more fight or two more fights and then we’ll see what Ryan’s people say.”

On how it is with communicating with Garcia being that Garcia doesn’t speak Spanish and he doesn’t speak English:

“There’s some things in Spanish he understands and the boxing fundamentals I tell him in English he understands. I think the most important thing when teaching is showing someone how to do something. We’ve meshed well and will continue to go forward.”

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