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Bill Haney calls Devin the kryptonite to Gervonta Davis

Haney says his son can make easy work of Gervonta Davis.

During a video interview with Fight Hype, Devin Haney’s father Bill explains why he thinks Gervonta Davis is an easy fight for his son. Check out some of what he had to say below...

“Devin is the direct nemesis to what Tank is. Devin is the kryptonite to Tank, pure boxer, tall,’s everything that Floyd did with every southpaw he faced, made it look easy.

“You fight the shoulders. You make ‘em do one or the other. Tank wants to do them both and we’re only gonna let you do one thing...what a typical fighter does is, and when a fighter like Tank makes it look easy, is when the fighter sits right in front of them. So a fighter like Lomachenko, a fighter like Devin, they attack on angles. So they’re biting you on that side or biting you on that side, but they’re never coming in where you can use both hands to fight them.

“Tank is a great fighter...and with him and Devin you have the biggest event in boxing, you have the biggest turnout. You’ll have everybody come out for that...we look forward to putting on a show with Tank after we get past Gamboa.

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