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Teofimo Lopez: Devin Haney facing a washed Yuriorkis Gamboa

Lopez ridicules other lightweight titleholders who are cherry picking in the division.

In the aftermath of Teofimo Lopez’s big win over Vasiliy Lomachenko this past weekend, Lopez fielded some media questions about where he wants to go from here, and obviously said he doesn’t mind facing ‘email champion’ Devin Haney. Check out some of what Lopez had to say below...

Lopez on who he now wants to fight the most:

“I don’t mind beating the two-time email world champion [Haney]. That would be fine. I know a lot of people are already saying this was not for undisputed because of that, whatever Mauricio Sulaiman did, but I just got a belt that says ‘Franchise World Champion’ from the WBC. And you got a guy like Devin Haney Gamboa, a washed out Gamboa, just for a record he wants to keep safe and pretty. I can fight those guys, I don’t mind it.”

On if he thinks Haney would fight him next assuming he beats Gamboa:

“I don’t care. I don’t think any of these guys will step up to the plate, and if they do, they better be ready because I don’t fear no man. I’m in there to fight, and if you’re not there to fight with me you’re gonna lose, like Loma.

“If I took that fight it’s just for bragging rights, just to shut him up and destroy his career. That’s really what it is. I don’t care, that’s the type of person I am. I’m not here to see another fighter build up his career. If he wants to take that step and fight, I’m more than happy to take him out of that route of what everybody’s talking about, saying that’s the next Floyd Mayweather and stuff like that. Yeah, get out of here with that bullshit.

“And for everybody else out there, everybody is cherry picking. Gervonta Davis, why you fighting Leo Santa Cruz? For what? That’s a 130-pounder, or 126-pounder. That’s sad, man. And you guys hype these guys up for so many things, but it’s okay. Just put ‘em in front of me and I’ll beat ‘em.”

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