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Jacobs vs Rosado: Pros react to disappointing fight and performance from Daniel Jacobs

Fellow fighters and even the bout’s promoter were cold on tonight’s Jacobs-Rosado letdown.

Matchroom Boxing

Friday night’s fight between Daniel Jacobs and Gabriel Rosado was expected by a lot of people to wind up a mismatch, but not many people thought it would be an absolute stinker.

It was, with Jacobs narrowly winning a split decision over the veteran in a fight that lacked action all-around, and most of the blame for that is going toward Jacobs (37-3, 30 KO), who had a performance that seemed to scream “indifference.”

And it wasn’t just fans getting on the 33-year-old Jacobs for a poor showing, either. Fellow pros and those directly in the fight game also were confused at best by what they were seeing from the former two-time middleweight titlist, who came into the fight a -2500 betting favorite and by the 11th round was down to -189 on the live odds.

The fight was also notable for ring announcer Jeremiah Gallegos’ mistake on announcing the winner, first saying “from Philadelphia,” indicating Rosado (25-13-1, 14 KO) had pulled the upset, then quickly turning it around.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, whose Matchroom Boxing put on the fight, had a pretty cold take on the whole ordeal tying to Gallegos’ slip:

As for the fight itself, there was plenty more out there:

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