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Ricky Hatton’s son Campbell signs with Matchroom Boxing

The son of the former British star will make his own run in the professional ranks.

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The son of former British world champion Ricky Hatton, Campbell Hatton, has just signed a multi-fight deal with Matchroom Boxing. At age 19, Campbell will now embark on his own professional fighting journey with him expected to make his debut in February 2021.

Speaking on his signing with one of the major promoters in the sport, Hatton expresses his enthusiasm and says he hopes to take in all of these experiences to grow as a professional fighter.

“It’s a dream come true to sign with Eddie and Matchroom,” said Hatton. “There’s no bigger platform in the world that I could be signed to, so I’m in a great position. I can’t wait to get in there now, my goal is to be as busy as possible to start with, and to just keep learning and improving with each fight.

“I think now is the right time for me to turn over to the pro ranks because from a young age I’ve always been told I have had a very professional style and that never did me any favours as an amateur, which has always made me eager to turn over. Now I’ve got the experience behind me I’m in a position where I’m not just capable to do it, I can do it and impress people.”

Hatton expects to start his career campaigning at the junior lightweight division but ultimately sees himself filling out to become a full fledged lightweight. Hatton expects that his aggressive style will win him many fans, but with him fighting in the shadow of his father there will surely be pressure and expectations that come along with that. How Hatton will handle those pressures going forward remains to be seen, but Campbell will be looking to carve out his own reputation in the ring.

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