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Ryan Garcia: My goal is to defeat Teofimo Lopez, knockout Gervonta Davis, and beat Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia talks about his lightweight aspirations.

During this virtual press conference for Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell, Garcia takes some time to field questions from Mario Loepz — and some leading questions from his own promoter — about the fight and what he’s trying to accomplish in his career. Garcia mentions that he’s looking to take out all the big names at lightweight and establish himself a huge star. Check out some excerpts below.

Garcia on what his lightweight goals are:

“I want to conquer this division. So I make this weight pretty easily, I’m a very disciplined person. I can make this weight for as long as I want to make it. So my goal is to defeat Teofimo Lopez, to knockout Gervonta Davis, and to beat Devin Haney. So whatever order it is, I’m here to conquer this division and become the biggest superstar in boxing.”

On how it feels that Lopez, Davis, and Haney “need” him instead of the other way around:

“I mean, that’s just how it is. I put myself in a great position to be where I’m at. They made fun of me a lot and they try to bash my social media and they try to do whatever they could to do tamper my name, but, like I said, the truth always prevails. I was the smarter man when it comes to marketing and I’m gonna be the smarter man in the ring. All that hate, all that bitterness is gonna be the thing that backfires on all of them.

“I see Teofimo Lopez, I see all of them hating asses — they’re all hating — and look it, that hates gonna disguise itself and it’s gonna blind them. They’re gonna run into one of my shots, they’re gonna be knocked out — every single one of them.”

On if he feels disrespected by Luke Campbell:

“Oh, I feel very disrespected by Luke. But like I said, all that disrespect, all that hate and envy is gonna blind them. Luke’s just the first one — I feel bad for Luke. He’s just the first one of my opponents that’s gonna really get a bad (beatdown). I’m older, I’m stronger, I’m coming into myself. I already felt I was coming into myself the Fonseca fight, and I was on a roll, I was ready to take over. But God said it how it’s supposed to be and I cannot wait, I cannot wait to punish Luke Campbell. I want to break his eye, I want to break his bones. I want to break everything of him. So he’s the first one that’s gonna get this.”

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