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Luke Campbell: Ryan Garcia is getting knocked out

Luke Campbell expresses his confidence leading into his lightweight fight against Ryan Garcia.

As part of the promotional build-up to the January 2nd fight between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell, Campbell takes some questions from his promoter Eddie Hearn about the fight and what his expectations for the bout are. Check out some of what Campbell had to say below...

Campbell on being ready to fight after the delay caused by COVID:

“Just a slight put-back, really. I was really lucky with the symptoms I had, but it was just missing the prep work in the gym. So we’ve got a new day and we’re flying in camp.”

On Garcia having a lot of hype despite having yet to fight at the top level of the sport, and if he thinks it’s more important for him to just focus on himself for this fight:

“Always for me, I’ve got to go in there not making any mistakes and being the best I can be. And I believe me being the best I can be will beat anyone in the lightweight division.

“I believe I’m coming into my prime now, and everything that’s happened in the past has all been a learning experience to get me where I am today, to perform the way I will perform on January 2nd.

His final thoughts on Garcia talking a big game leading into this bout:

“I believe I’m going to win this fight, 100%...he’s getting knocked out.”

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