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Devin Haney says he wants Teofimo Lopez in next fight, thinks Tank Davis and Ryan Garcia will avoid him

Haney says he’s unlike the rest of the lightweight stars and aims to prove it.

During this latest installment of Brian Custer’s The Last Stand Podcast, lightweight titleholder Devin Haney makes an appearance to discuss his career, explain why he’s different from the other stars, and what he wants to do next.

Haney on what makes him different from the other top lightweights:

“My skill set, my work ethic, my skill set is just different from those guys and in my fights it has shown. I dominate my opponents, I make them look inexperienced. I pitch shutouts so badly that people criticize my opponents because I don’t lose rounds, I don’t lose any seconds of the fight.”

On who he wants to fight next:

“My next will be Teofimo Lopez because that would be for all the belts of course and I would want to be undisputed champion of the lightweight division, and then I would say Gervonta Davis.”

On believing he’s a better talent than Teofimo Lopez, Ryan Garcia, and Gervonta Davis:

“The boxer, the guy with the better skill set, always last longer. You can go back to the Sugar Ray days, Ali days, whatever days you want to go too. The boxer always finishes last and at the end of it I’m going to be on top.”

On his critics who say he’s a boring fighter with little power:

“At the end of the day, when I get in the ring with these guys we shall see. If I don’t have the punching power, why aren’t these guys quick to get in the ring with me, I got a belt? It’s the most money they’ll make up to date in their career, so if they really feel like I was such an easy fight why aren’t these guys so quick to beat me, to stop me from running my mouth, to get me out of there. They’re not, in reality the proof is in the pudding.”

On a fight against Lopez being more realistic than Davis or Garcia:

“I think Teofimo Lopez does want to fight me, I think Teofimo actually, really wants to fight me. Maybe he doesn’t really like me or whatever the case may be but I think he really does want to fight me. Ryan Garcia not so much. Tank, no!”

On his message to the other top lightweights:

“If I’ve fought so many easy guys and I was so easy, come get me, if you really feel like that. If you really feel like that then you would come get me, beat me, and take my belt and get the easy money and then walk off with an easy night if that’s how you really feel. If I was so easy these guys would be begging for me and they’re not!”

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