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Canelo vs Callum Smith: Live streaming results, round by round, start time, how to watch, full card info

Canelo Alvarez returns tonight to face Callum Smith in a huge DAZN main event!

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Round By Round

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith

Round 1: Smith comes out and takes center ring and pops a couple jabs that get blocked. Smith jabs again and then lands one to the body. Straight right to the body comes from Smith at the end of a couple of measuring jabs. Jab to the body makes a little contact again for Smith. Canelo tries a hook upstairs that gets blocked. Smith comes back with a short combination. Now Canelo pops a jab and makes contact upstairs. Smith tries another combination that ends to the body but can’t land it well. Clean right hand scores downstairs for Canelo. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo. Canelo has Smith moving backwards and now has him on the ropes. Smith tries to fight his way off but Canelo continues to stalk and Smith gives ground. I think Smith slightly edged it with his early work but it was close. Smith 10-9.

Round 2: Smith tries a stiff jab that falls short. Canelo continues to press forward on Smith behind a tight guard and Smith looks for a place to land his jab to the head and body. Uppercut from Smith falls short. Hard right hook lands to the body for Canelo. Jab from Canelo lands upstairs. Smith tries to jab a few times with mixed success. Canelo calmly stalks Smith and has him back along the ropes again. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo, then a left hook. Smith tries to return fire but doesn’t make quite the same impact. Straight right lands to the body for Canelo. Counter right from Canelo just misses upstairs. Canelo lands another jab to the head. Canelo 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Canelo misses on a huge left hook to start the round. Smith tries a right hook that gets blocked. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo. Now Canelo turns that jab into a left hook upstairs and grazes Smith. Smith throws two jabs but eats a harder one back from Canelo. Canelo is landing his jab much more effectively than the much taller and longer Smith. Canelo walks Smith back to the ropes and unloads two hooks. Smith misses on a counter right. Canelo lands another jab upstairs, then a couple more moments later. Smith throws a few shots that have no steam on them and Canelo comes back with a counter right with Smith on the ropes. Canelo 10-9.

Round 4: Canelo comes out looking to close the range right away as Smith tries to meet him with a number of jabs. Right hook lands upstairs for Canelo with Smith on the ropes. Canelo starts coming on and putting together more power shots on Smith. Smith lands a right to the body, Canelo comes back with his own right hand. Left hook lands for Canelo to the body this time. Smith isn’t keeping a pace that’s going to do him any favor on the cards as Canelo is extremely comfortable in the ring against the taller opponent. Combination comes from Canelo but he doesn’t land it well. Canelo 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Smith tries a lead hook that doesn’t land. Smith pops a couple jabs but still can’t make good contact. Now Smith partially lands a couple of shots as he rattles off some punches. Canelo comes right back and walks straight to Smith and ducks a couple of punches. Lead left hook from Canelo makes partial contact. Now Canelo throws a right hand to the body. Smith misses on a couple of long punches at center ring. Canelo comes after Smith some more and goes down to the body. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo. Now Canelo lands a left hook to the body. Left hook lands upstairs for Canelo this time. Canelo 10-9.

Round 6: Smith comes out to center ring but Canelo takes the aggressive posture and Smith starts looking for space by backing up. A few of Smith’s punches miss and Canelo comes back with his own shots as Smith’s back touches the ropes again. Jab and right hand comes from Canelo and make contact. Smith misses on another combination but can’t make enough contact to keep Canelo from easily closing the distance. Right hook from Canelo doesn’t land clean. Jab lands for Canelo upstairs. Double jab comes from Smith but nothing doing. Canelo 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Jab makes partial contact for Smith. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo this time. Now Canelo throws the jab to the body. Smith throws a few punches but Canelo defends them well. Canelo puts Smith back along the ropes as Smith lands a nice little hook to the body. Now Canelo comes on and throws a few power shots as Smith tries to ride the punches. Counter left hook lands downstairs for Canelo. Clean jab lands upstairs for Canelo, then an uppercut moments later. Both fighters try to trade hooks but neither land clean. Canelo is in control of this fight. Canelo 10-9.

Round 8: Smith lands a jab to start the round. Canelo misses on a leaping left hook aimed at the head. Now Canelo pops a sharp jab to the head. Canelo tries an uppercut that doesn’t land clean. Canelo getting more aggressive now as he’s trying to do so more damage to Smith. Straight right to the body lands for Canelo. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo again. Smith hooks off the ropes almost as an act of desperation. Canelo comes back after Smith rolls a right hand. Double right hand comes from Canelo but he doesn’t land it well. Smith on the ropes and Canelo lands a clean uppercut between the gloves. Smith tries to double his right hand but Canelo blocks it. Another jab from Canelo lands. Right hand to the body scores for Canelo. Canelo 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Smith showing poor body language between rounds. Canelo starts the round by landing a jab. Clean right hook lands upstairs for Canelo. Smith tries to load up on a shot but he misses. Canelo comes back again and has Smith bleeding from the nose. Left hook lands to the body for Canelo. Right hand and left hook lands for Canelo now. Smith lands a couple of shots but they don’t have much sting on them. Canelo jabs and lands. Right hook knocks Smith into the ropes hard! Smith might’ve been down if the ropes didn’t catch him. Canelo comes back with more power shots and Smith is getting beaten up now. Left hook to the body lands for Canelo at the end of a combination. Smith tries to fight Canelo off of him but Canelo doesn’t respect his power. Body shot has Smith holding onto Canelo. Right hook makes parital contact for Canelo again. Canelo 10-9.

Round 10: Smith’s trainer said he’s giving him this one last round to turn things around as he’s been taking more and more punishment as this fight has gone on. Jab misses from Smith and Canelo lands one in return. Right hook to the body doesn’t land well for Canelo this time. Straight right scores for Canelo this time. Jab lands clean for Canelo. Double right hand from Canelo makes Smith grab hold on the inside. Right uppercut and hook to the body hurts Smith again. Smith retreating as fast as he can but he can’t keep himself off the ropes as Canelo stafes him with power shots to the body and head. Smith looks weak when he throws his punches. Canelo hooks to both sides of Smith’s body. Another right hand and left hook lands hard for Canelo. Canelo 10-9, 99-91.

Round 11: Smith has basically been a big punching back the last few rounds, not sure he has anything left to give here but let’s see. Smith jabs and Canelo responds with his own. Smith tries a few more punches but Canelo defends them well. Jab lands clean for Canelo. Smith takes a hook to the body. Right hand from Canelo splits the guard upstairs. Smith back on the ropes and tries to counter his way off of it. Canelo comes forward and Smith throws a few punches but still can’t really land well. Hard right hand from Canelo gets Smith’s strict attention. Hard left to the body lands for Canelo. Smith throws but misses. Jab lands upstairs for Canelo. Canelo throws three punches and Smith rides them along the ropes. Canelo lands a jab to end the round. Canelo 10-9.

Round 12: Smith’s face is pretty marked up. Fighter’s touch gloves and get back to it. Canelo comes out with two power shots that partially land. Now Canelo throws a right hook as Smith covers up. Canelo looking to finish this fight with a statement but Smith digs deep and throws some punches that Canelo is able to evade. Right hand from Canelo makes a little contact, the next one lands better. Left to the body lands for Canelo. Canelo stalks and Smith walks in to tie up Canelo which gets some boos coming from the crowd. Body shots from Canelo has Smith looking to hold or find space to run. Smith runs in and clinches Canelo again, causing more boos. Right hook from Canelo makes some contact upstairs. Smith keeps looking at the clock as he wants out of this fight. Clean jab lands for Canelo. Smith wants to go home, so be it. Canelo 10-9, 119-109.

Tonight at 8 pm ET streaming live on DAZN, Canelo Alvarez returns to action after over a year off, as he faces Callum Smith for the WBC and WBA super middleweight titles.

The main event is being advertised for a 10 pm ET start by DAZN, which means you don’t want to tune in later than that if you want to be safe. We’ll have fight-by-fight results, and then Wil Esco will have round-by-round coverage of the main event right here in the post.

The 30-year-old Canelo has already won major titles at 154, 160, and 175, and now will look to add a fourth division at 168. Smith, also 30, is defending the WBA title, and the WBC belt is vacant and up for grabs.

How to Watch Canelo vs Smith

Date: Saturday, Dec. 19 | Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Location: Alamodome - San Antonio, TX
Stream: DAZN
Online Coverage:

The undercard, if we’re being honest, doesn’t feature much of anything by way of notable matchups, but there are some good prospects in action. Heavyweight Frank Sanchez is back, along with featherweight Raymond Ford, middleweight Austin Williams, and the debuting Marc Castro.

Main Card (DAZN, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Canelo Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KO) vs Callum Smith (27-0, 19 KO), super middleweights, 12 rounds, for Smith’s WBA and the vacant WBC titles
  • Marc Castro (debut) vs Luis Valdes (7-5-1, 2 KO), junior lightweights, 4 rounds
  • Frank Sanchez (16-0, 12 KO) vs Julian Fernandez (14-2, 11 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Raymond Ford (7-0, 3 KO) vs Juan Antonio Lopez (15-7, 6 KO), junior lightweights, 8 rounds
  • Austin Williams (6-0, 5 KO) vs Isiah Jones (9-3, 3 KO), middleweights, 6 rounds

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