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Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia: Final Press Conference

Spence and Garcia share their final words before facing off this weekend in a welterweight title fight.

As welterweights Errol Spence and Danny Garcia get set to do battle this weekend with Spence’s welterweight titles on the line, both fighters appeared for the final press conference of their promotional run. Check out some excerpts from the presser below with the full video stream above.

Spence on his experience getting back to this point after his accident:

“Really just a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline, having my family and parents and my coach and my day-one friends and people just supporting me...There was a lot of times where I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit, but just seeing my loved ones and not wanting to let me kids down, because when they get older how am I going to tell them to keep going when they want to quit at something if I quit?

“So when I went to the clinic, went to the doctors and they told me basically I didn’t have any brain swelling or any blood in my brain or anything like that, you know, I decided to continue my career and to get back. And that’s basically what we did — my and my coach been in the gym since probably February, and just been grinding hard...And now we back. I’m 100%. I’m ready.

“I feel great and everybody’s gonna see the same Errol Spence Jr., post car accident.”

How to Watch Spence vs Garcia

Date: Saturday, Dec. 5 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX
Stream: FOX Sports PPV | TV: PPV (US) / Premier Sports (UK)
Online Coverage:

Danny Garcia on what this opportunity means to him:

“Boxing is a sport of timing, and the time is now. I feel great, had a tremendous camp. I did everything I was supposed to do. Now it’s just time to go out there on Saturday night and do what I do best and win.”

Garcia on if he’s bothered by being the underdog in this matchup:

“I don’t pay no mind to that. You know, I been the underdog in many fights. I just prepare myself. I worry about Danny Garcia training hard, I don’t worry about the critics, the media, what they say about me. I know that I’m a great champion, I’m a great fighter, and that’s why I’m here today. And that’s what I’m gonna prove Saturday night, that I’m a great champion.”

Spence on what he’s hoping to prove in this outing:

“I mean, the only thing I’m gonna prove is that I’m still the same. And I’m a realist, I’m realistic. I know people have a lot of questions, am I the same or am I a shell of myself, and if I looked at that accident I would’ve said the same thing too...

“I just expect for myself to be 100%, on point, sharp, and accurate with my shots.”

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