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Abel Sanchez: Errol Spence at 80% is still too talented for Danny Garcia

The longtime trainer shares his thoughts on this weekend’s welterweight title fight.

During this video interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Abel Sanchez breaks down his thoughts on how he views tomorrows welterweight title fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Danny Garcia. Sanchez says we don’t know if Spence will still be the same mentally after his car crash, but thinks even a diminished Spence will still be too much for Garcia. Check out some excerpts below...

Sanchez on Spence coming into this fight after his car accident, and if that will affect the outcome:

“I think I’m on record of saying that Errol Spence coming out of the Olympics and Marcus Browne — I thought those two guys were going to be the best of the crop of that season. And Errol Spence has proven that he’s an exceptional fighter. I don’t know how the accident is going to affect him mentally. Physically, he’s still an exceptional athlete and I think he’s a very good fighter.

“And I think Danny’s a good fighter, he’s given a lot of guys some tough times but I don’t think he’s on the level — or the level Errol used to be on. I don’t know if that same Errol is going to be there on Saturday night.”

On how he thinks the fight plays out:

“I see Errol being too big and too strong. I see Errol being, just like Terence last week or the week before, proved that there’s levels in this game, and those two guys are on a different level. Danny has topped-out, he’s put up a good fight with a lot of very good fighters but he’s just not at their level. He’s one notch below.

“Danny’s not gonna change his stripes. Danny’s gonna be who Danny is, and Danny’s a I think Errol — even if it’s part of Errol, even if it’s 80% — will just be too talented for him. It’ll be a good fight but Errol will just be too talented for him.”

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