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Guillermo Rigondeaux: Let’s go ‘Monster’ hunting

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The Cuban says he’s ready and willing to face Naoya Inoue.

With Guillermo Rigondeaux scoring a decision win over the weekend, media members caught up with the Cuban fighter to discuss the fight and what he wants next after moving down to 118lbs. Check it out...

Rigondeaux on his thoughts on the fight with Solis:

“Solis is an excellent boxer, he gave me a run for my money. It was a great fight, congratulations to him for keeping up in the ring but the better guy got it.”

On if he was surprised Solis won on one of the judges’ scorecards:

“No, that’s what judges do. Everyone sees the fight differently, can’t blame anyone for that.”

On not getting the credit he deserves for his exceptional technical ability in the ring:

“Well everybody’s a critic but when you get to my level you just keep doing your work and good things come to you.”

On standing his ground in the first round before reverting back to his usual boxing style:

“Like I showed everyone before, I can fight in the middle of the ring. I tried fighting right in the middle of the ring and then after the first round, let’s box him, let’s show ‘em a little boxing...”

On if the boos from the crowd affect him:

“That’s what makes me stronger, that’s what inspires me in the ring. At the end of the day you still gotta say I’m the best, I got the title right now.”

On who he wants to fight next:

“I’m ready for anyone. Who do you guys wanna see me fight?”

On if he’s down to fight Naoya Inoue:

“Now I’m in my weight, before I was fighting guys bigger than me. Now I’m in my weight, let’s go ‘Monster’ hunting.”

On what he thinks of Inoue:

“He’s an excellent fighter, great fighter. Warrior.”

On how their styles match up:

“Once you start, people start adjusting. He’s got a lot of things that I do too, he’s a well rounded boxer, so we’re both gonna make incredible adjustments when that fight comes.”