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Jermall Charlo dares Demetrius Andrade, Daniel Jacobs to confront him at Wilder-Fury 2

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Charlo says he’s ready to ‘turn up’ at Wilder-Fury 2.

WBC middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo got online and started talking crazy about some of his media rivals, including Demetrius Andrade and Daniel Jacobs. In this video you can catch Charlo calling for Andrade and Jacobs to come see him face-to-face at Wilder-Fury 2 if either of them have a problem with him.

“Demetrius Andrade, auto-tune, squeaky-talking motherf*cker, I’ll smack the f*ck out you. Play wit me in person! Go to Wilder fight, I’ll see you at Wilder fight. If you real, go to Wilder fight. Let’s turn up at Wilder fight, Wilder-Fury. Let’s turn up! Jacobs, whoever wanna fight me, go to Wilder fight and I’ma pick you out the day of the fight.

“Stop playing with me, I’m the champ. Big champ shit, you know what I mean?

“Tell Eddie Hearn to call Al Haymon...Yo Eddie Boy, bitch call Al, stop calling me! What the f*ck I look like? I don’t f*ckin’ make fights, you stupid ass queer. You make the fights if you wanna make it, aight?”

Oddly enough Daniel Jacobs has in the past confronted Jermall directly as he requests here, but in that instance Jermall did not keep the same energy :-/