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Anthony Joshua gives Tyson Fury the edge in Deontay Wilder rematch

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Joshua says a Wilder win would set up the bigger fight, though.

British boxer Anthony Joshua wins back his world heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia Photo by Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images

With Anthony Joshua back as a unified heavyweight champion he makes it no secret that it would better for Deontay Wilder to come through in his rematch with Tyson Fury, as that would set up the fight that fans have been wanting between Wilder and himself.

“Wilder coming through is better because [a fight with me] is what people have been eagerly anticipating.”

But Joshua still thinks Fury has the better chance to pull off the win because he’s the more well-rounded fighter. The British champion would then conclude that Wilder must have the knockout in order to beat Fury but says he wasn’t able to manage it the first time, and so long as Fury neutralizes Wilder’s right hand he should be okay.

Joshua also adds that with Wilder underestimating the power of Fury, he could end up walking into something he’s not expecting.

“Fury can punch a bit. He’s underestimated with his punching power which makes him dangerous. If you underestimate someone it makes them dangerous because you don’t respect them until you get hit. Fury is a really good boxer, to a certain degree, so he has the upper hand. Wilder isn’t the best of boxers but he has a right hand - if you can avoid that, you have the beating of him.”

But regardless of who wins between Wilder and Fury on Feb. 22, Joshua says he still intends on seeking out an undisputed heavyweight title fight this year.