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PBC on FOX results: Diego Magdaleno overwhelms Austin Dulay for decision win

The veteran was too good for the prospect in this one.

Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Lightweight prospect Austin Dulay had the hometown advantage tonight in Nashville, but it wasn’t nearly enough against veteran Diego Magdaleno, who punished the body (and a bit below) en route to a fairly one-sided decision win over 10 rounds.

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Magdaleno (32-3, 13 KO) took the win on scores of 96-92, 96-92, and 97-91. Bad Left Hook had it 97-91 on two separate cards.

The 33-year-old Magdaleno hadn’t fought since a violent knockout loss to Teofimo Lopez one year ago, but after a solid start from the 24-year-old Dulay (13-2, 10 KO), he took this fight over starting in about the fourth round, and really dominated in the second half in particular.

Magdaleno outworked and outlanded Dulay, particularly with strong body shots, landing 77 body punches compared to just five from the taller Dulay. Magdaleno, once he figured Dulay out and made some early adjustments, was consistently able to get inside and do strong work, including a seventh round knockdown.

But Magdaleno lost the extra point almost immediately, as he hit Dulay with a low blow that finally forced referee Jack Reiss to take a point after several warnings. The low blows certainly were a factor in the fight, but more than that Dulay just had no answers for Magdaleno’s overall attack here once the veteran made his adjustments. It’s not as if Dulay was doing good work and Magdaleno panicked and went low. Magdaleno just strayed low a fair amount.

“I knew mentally I could break him down, and if I attack the body it’s gonna break anyone down,” Magdaleno said after the fight. “He was a young prospect, he hasn’t battled the discomfort. I came to give him the discomfort, but clean. I know a lot of the shots went low. Experience has everything to do with how I fight. In my previous losses, I lost my head, I lost the game plan. This time I took my time.”

Dulay rather comically reacted as if he’d been robbed when the scores were read, but he wasn’t, and most likely he knows that.