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PBC on FOX results: Abel Ramos scores stunning, controversial comeback stoppage of Bryant Perrella

With just one second remaining on the clock, Abel Ramos pulled off the comeback.

Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

In an incredible and incredibly controversial come-from-behind scenario, Abel Ramos scored a last second, last round stoppage of Bryant Perrella in a welterweight matchup tonight in Nashville.

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Ramos (26-3-2, 20 KO) was down 88-83 on both of the BLH scorecards going into the 10th and final frame, but the 28-year-old came out brawling, fighting as though he needed a knockout, which he did. Official scores at the time of stoppage were 88-83, 88-83, and 87-84 for Perrella, meaning that with a 10-7 final round, Perrella would have won a majority decision on scores of 95-93, 95-93, and 94-94.

In the waning seconds of the bout, Ramos dropped Perrella (17-3, 14 KO) twice, and after the second knockdown, Perrella was given his instructions to come forward by referee Jack Reiss. Perrella walked away from Reiss at first, who kept his eyes on him and saw Perrella stumble.

With just one second remaining in the fight, Reiss made the decision to stop it. There will obviously be plenty of arguments about this, but Perrella looked out on his feet and Reiss’ job is not to care about how much time is on the clock in that scenario.

For most of the rest of the fight, the 6’1” southpaw Perrella was mostly able to control the distance, as Ramos had trouble cutting off the ring all night. But Ramos stayed determined, hung around in the bout, and when he made his move, he made it count. Ramos had looked hurt in both the third and fourth rounds, notably, but stayed on his feet.

The fight immediately drew comparisons to one of the all-time most controversial fights in boxing, Julio Cesar Chavez’ 1990 stoppage of Meldrick Taylor, which Richard Steele famously called a halt to with just two seconds remaining in a fight Taylor was winning.

“I watched the Chavez fight against Taylor a lot of times,” Ramos said. “I’ve been sick for two weeks already but I tried to ignore it. I wanted to come here and give it my all.”

“That was like Meldrick Taylor and Chavez,” Perrella said. “It just happened at the last second. It’s boxing. He got the job done, I guess he was the better man tonight. I was a little rocked but I felt like I was good to continue with one second left.”

The possibility of a rematch is definitely there. This wasn’t a big, marquee fight or anything, and it’s not like Ramos is guaranteed something bigger, either. The 30-year-old Perrella surely would like another crack at this, I’m sure.


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