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Tony Harrison reflects on loss to Jermell Charlo, talks water bottle conspiracy

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Harrison says there were some questionable activities going on in Charlo’s corner.

Now with some time to reflect on his loss to Jermell Charlo in their rematch, former titleholder Tony Harrison discusses his thoughts on the fight, what went wrong, and why ‘nothing adds up’ when discussing some possible foul play that occurred in the fight. Check out some excerpts below.

Harrison on how he’s been since the Charlo loss:

“I mean I’m cool, man. It didn’t go as I expected it to go — that’s sports for you — you know what I mean? I just gotta correct some stuff for myself, nobody else to blame but me.”

On fighting a good fight until things took a turn for the worse:

“You know what, that’s probably why I got so comfortable. It was so easy, it was coming so easy for me, you know what I mean, being off a year. And getting out of my character and doing something that I really wasn’t gonna do but doing it, and I got really comfortable doing it and I seen that I was taking his courage away from what he’s known to be doing, pushing him back. It just got a little too comfortable for me.”

On what he thinks went wrong for him in that fight:

“You know what, I stopped being as aggressive as I should’ve. The later the rounds went, I started getting more relaxed, he started getting more energetic. All in all, I just got caught with a shot I didn’t see. You know, it wasn’t even a hard shot...ended up just swinging naturally and catch me with a shot I didn’t see.”

On recently posting these video clips on Instagram, illustrating Charlo taking drinks from two separate water bottles, one which he finds suspicious and against the rules:

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I just don’t understand how inspectors and California commissioners could drop the ball like this in a world championship fight. The rule is in between rounds you can only drink water in clear sealed bottles seeming that tgb provided the water what was being drank in the Gatorade bottle!!!!!! Inspectors and commissions one job is to protect the safety of fighters seeming that all the deaths in sport of boxing had occurred but now we have people like this that want the edge no matter who’s on the other end. I’m disgusted with the sport I love not so much with him cause his job is to try to get over but I caught it. He didn start off drinking what ever was in the bottle until about round 4 until it ended. Head trainer Dereck James never co-signed what was going on never touched that bottle that was getting passed on the sides. They crowded him it was really hard to see til I watched the fight time and time again. He can say he was drinking anything but fact is it def wasn’t water!!!! Do I want the fight over turned not at all I feel I should of beat him regardless but I’m def calling a spade a spade and the playing field just wasn’t even in a world championship fight!! What ever comes from this for me it is what it is but I’m def going to bring awareness to the world and who ever he fights next to be aware like the sport says protect YOSELF at all times they mean that literally!!Calling all fighters and trainers Let’s talk boxing tell me what you think!!

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“I just re-watched the fight,’s not something that you would normally look for but it just was strange, you know? It was strange to me, it was strange to my camp, it was strange to my father. I probably never ever in life seen a fight where a fighter is drinking the promoter’s water from a bottle and the commission says you can pour it in another bottle, and you drinking the same water twice.

“It just was strange. I think the commission fucked up, they fucked up by not doing their job as good as they supposed to but to cover it up they just tossing it as ‘we know it was water in the bottle’ which doesn’t make sense to nobody in the world.

“I think the commission did a good job by turning it back on me by saying ‘it was water in that bottle,’ you know what I mean? So now fans think ‘oh, it was water.’ Come on, man, that don’t even make sense. The Gatorade bottle was not supposed to be in the corner anyway, you know what I mean? Why would you let him pour water in the Gatorade bottle when he’s still drinking it from the regular bottle? So it just doesn’t make sense, nothing adds up.

“Like I said, Derrick James is a helluva trainer, never co-signed, never touched that bottle not one time. They said they authorized the cut man to do that but the cut man has nothing to do with it, it was the uncle that was giving him the bottled water. Whatever was in that bottle, the uncle was giving it to him.

“Nothing makes sense. Nothing makes sense. Nothing adds up, nothing makes sense. Not only to me, but to the people who really understand boxing, nothing makes sense in their story or in that sequence. I never said he took anything that would test him dirty so he bringing up VADA, VADA is not gonna show up if you taking something that’s energetic or some B12 or just something to give you that extra spunk. It has nothing to do with testing dirty, just you were drinking something that I wasn’t drinking, period.”

On if he noticed that Charlo was gaining energy as the fight went on:

“I do. I do. I honestly, when I looked back and look at his demeanor, from Round 3 and Round 4, he looked like he was like dead. My whole demeanor in my corner was ‘I’ma stop this bitch. I’ma stop him.’ And then like all of the sudden he starts coming back with more spunk, and more spunk later in the fight. So, nothing is going to come from it, though, but I’ma say this — I’m not the one to be quiet on that.

“Nothing’s gonna come from it but I’ma tell you what’s gonna happen from now. I’ll take the backlash upfront, but I just made the sport of boxing that much cleaner, that much better because, guess what, now California Commission know they fucked up — you can blame it on me — you fucked up but it’ll never happen again to nobody else.

“Everybody is on their shit from here on out because they know that Tony Harrison gonna (expose) your ass.”

On what he wants to do next:

“The division is still like wide open almost, you know what I mean? Like you got your champions but J-Rock got his rematch, Charlo just won his rematch — it’s really like it’s not many places for me to go. I just would love a Charlo rematch, three, if I can’t get that I just want somebody like a Lara. Give me somebody like a Lara fight or somebody like a Swift rematch, or something that makes sense for me.”

On if he considers moving up in weight:

“I mean I’m not finished here. I’ve got unfinished business here. I’m still looking for big fights, still looking for Kell Brook, if Kell Brook fight is to open up for me at ‘54 I would love that. But I’m just looking for the bigger things to happen, man.