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Caleb Plant: Golden Boy never sent a legitimate offer to fight Canelo Alvarez

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Plant says he was only contacted by a ‘secondary’ figure from the promotional company.

With the recent war of words (so to speak) between IBF super middleweight titleholder Caleb Plant and Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya making some waves, Plant clarifies some of his previous comments about not being interested in facing Canelo Alvarez on May 2nd among some other topics. Check out some excerpts below...

On looking towards a fight against David Benavidez and where the animosity between them comes from:

“Just agreeing to disagree on who’s better, I guess. But yeah, that’s a fight I definitely want, I want a unification fight.

“I want unification fights, I want big matches. I know they have their business to tend to, maybe they got fights lined up but I’m pushing for it.”

On the recent talk surrounding Canelo and himself, saying he’s not interested in facing Canelo on May 2:

“They never really sent a legitimate offer. They never sent an actual offer, it’s just a secondary guy of theirs who reached out and that was it. So there was never even an offer that was sent to us.

“Marcos, after my fight, at the post-fight press conference, just said ‘(Canelo) doesn’t have an opponent for May, is that something you’d be interested in?’ And I said ‘With it being so soon, probably not.’ Because a training camp is eight weeks, I’ll have time to train for it and be in shape, but I’ll also be overworked. I just got out of a long camp and it’s not the fight that I need rest from, it’s not like I took a whole lot of punishment or anything like that, it’s the training camp.

“For those who don’t understand that, that’s probably because they’ve never trained in their life.”