Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Rematch - Things To Expect

It all goes down February 22 at MGM Gardens in Las Vegas. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury - a rematch that has both men eager to prove what they’re about -and take a KO victory home along with that title belt. The first fight was energetic and entertaining from start to the 12th round and fans cannot wait to see it all over again.

The First Fight

The first Wilder vs. Fury fight took place on Dec. 1, 2018 in Los Angeles. Approximately 325,000 people tuned in to see the fight. Fury finished the fight after a 12th round knockdown that spectators thought would finish him. Sadly, it landed in a split draw decision since one judge scored for Wilder, a second for Fury and the 3rd calling it a draw.

During the match, Fury out boxed Wilder for long periods, although Wilder knocked him down in both the first and ninth round, and a third time in the 12th round. Fans stood on their feet often during the match. Few could believe that Fury remained in the fight after the knockdown in the 12th round.

What Will Happen at the Next Fight?

Since the 2018 fight, both men have each won 2 fights. The upcoming match is expected to turn out similar to the first, however, experts expect Wilder will come in stronger and more aggressive. Fury understands now what he is up against and will fight as if his life depends on it, which maybe it does.

Most expect a better fighter out of Fury in his match, but this means that Wilder has also had time to practice and improve his skills as well. Fury has a longer reach than Wilder, which gives him an advantage. Sadly for him, Wilder knows how to handle guys with arms longer than his own. He also has no problem working around the height differences.

One look at Wilder’s fight card and you’ll see that he drops in early rounds often, but always finds the comeback later on in the fight. His vicious right hand is hard for most opponents to overcome and he’s proven time and time again. Also keep in mind that Wilder has 41 knockouts in his professional fighting career.

Win the Bet

Did you place an SBO bet or plan to make your bet in the very near future? Consider all of the above information when making your picks for the fight and sit back and smile as you rack up the cash from those winning bets. It’s not easy to say which man will come out the winner of this exciting matchup, but it does appear that Wilder has a slight advantage.

The upcoming Wilder - Fury rematch is highly anticipated amongst fight fans and those who have made their wagers to win. Make plans to catch the upcoming February rematch on pay-per-view if you cannot be there live in person to watch it all go down.

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