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Dillian Whyte not pleased with Eddie Hearn pushing for Fury-Joshua fight

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Whyte believes he’s earned the right to get the next shot at Fury’s WBC title.

Boxing at York Hall Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

With the WBC heavyweight title now in the hands of Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte might expect that his promoter Eddie Hearn go to bat for him to get him his long awaited shot at the title, with him holding the WBC’s #1 contender position. Well, Whyte would be wrong.

Hearn is instead much more interested in staging an undisputed heavyweight title unification between Fury and his cash cow Anthony Joshua as soon as possible — something Whyte himself isn’t too keen on. So when Hearn took to Twitter to immediately float the idea of Fury-Joshua this summer, Whyte couldn’t help but to chime in.

And while Whyte may continue to maintain his mandatory challenger position with the WBC, the sanctioning body isn’t exactly fast tracking the fighter to his world title aspirations with Whyte currently expected to wait his turn for another full year. Whyte probably hoped his promoter would advocate for him a bit more, though. Oh well...