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Caleb Plant: ‘I don’t like nobody in my division’

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Plant discusses his upcoming fight with Vincent Feignbutz and what could be next.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant discusses his upcoming fight with Vincent Feignbutz and what his ultimate plans are in the division. Check out some excerpts from the conversation below...

Plant on what he thinks of his opponent Vincent Feignbutz:

“He’s young, he’s strong, I know he’s worked his whole life for this moment. It’s a big opportunity for him. He’s got a lot of knockouts, he’s got a big record, a lot of experience. I’ve seen some of his stuff — pretty fast, pretty explosive. But he just, he never fought nobody like me. He never fought nobody nowhere near like me. So I’ma show him there’s levels to this, you know, this is something I’ve been doing my whole life at a very high level. And when the bell rings I’ma separate myself.

On why there hasn’t been as much trash talk during this build up like his last fight with Mike Lee:

“‘Cause he’s smarter than Mike Lee. He knows not to get into no riffraff with me. But that don’t matter, I don’t like him just as much as I don’t like Mike Lee. So I don’t care about being friends with nobody in my weight class. You didn’t see Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran being buddies. You didn’t see them sitting with each other at fights laughing and joking like you do nowadays. I don’t like that. That’s not me, not how I am.

“So I don’t like Vincent, I don’t like Mike, I don’t like nobody in my division. So if you’re in my weight class, that’s just how it is.”

On who he thinks could wind up being his biggest rival in the division:

“Well I feel like the super middleweight division, it is hot right now. You know, probably the hottest it’s been in a long while. A lot of good champions, one great champion, some guys that might be a little over the hill but can still really scrap and have good names, you know, ex-world champions and prospects on the way. So I feel like it’s really wide open right now. Let’s be realistic, nobody has — including myself — has had the opportunity to just take the reigns of the super middleweight division and take complete control...But I plan on doing that real soon.”

On if he thinks it could ultimately boil down to him vs David Benavidez:

“I think so, yeah. I think so. And Canelo. I think Canelo, he beats Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith, becomes unified, I’ll beat David, become unified, and then we can play it for all the marbles. But first I’ll take care of (Feignbutz) first.”

On if Canelo is the fight he eventually wants to land:

“I mean I’m not chasing him, you know what I’m saying? But in a perfect world it seems like that’s how it would work out. ‘Cause we’re not gonna be able to face Billy Joe or Callum — they’re not megastars...for there to be a cross-network, cross-promotion, it’s gonna have to be two megastars. And if Callum can’t even, you know, get past John Ryder without a lucky decision in his hometown where his home crowd’s booing him, you know, then that’s probably not gonna work out.

“And Billy Joe, with his not looking so good...maybe it was just a bad performance, everybody has those, but that probably not gonna work out neither.”

On if he’d like to fight Saunders or Smith if there were promotional obstacles:

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m not scared of nobody.”

On if those fights might be tougher for him than a fight with Benavidez:

“I don’t know. I’m not sure. Styles make fights but I feel like I’m the best super middleweight. And I’m not just saying that, just blowing smoke. I feel like everyone watching this and you yourself know that when I say that I really truly mean that deep in my heart. But it’ll play out, the dust will settle, and when it does you gonna see me standing there.”