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Bob Arum clarifies position on selling Top Rank

The promoter says anything is for sale for the right price, but he’s more interested in a strategic partner.

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Bob Arum created a bit of a stir a few weeks back when he mentioned that he’d be open to selling Top Rank. After a lifetime in the business it was hard to envision Arum finally selling off, but now the longtime promoter takes a moment to expand on what he meant when he made that comment, via Ariel Helwani’s MMA show.

“They asked me the question ‘would Top Rank be for sale?’ and what I said is what Kirk Kekorian said, that everything is for sale. Give me the right price, you know. I mean, if Bloomberg came to me and gave me part of his network for Top Rank I would make the deal in two seconds.

“But that’s what I meant. And what we’d be more open to, because we want to expand internationally, is to have a strategic partner come in and work with them, give us the wherewithal to open up offices all over the world.”

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