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Andre Rozier: Fighters need to start taking responsibility for their bullcrap performances

The trainer shares some of his thoughts on Andy Ruiz losing his world titles.

In this video interview caught by Fight Hub TV, respected New York trainer Andre Rozier takes some time to give his feedback on Andy Ruiz Jr. laying a dud and coughing up his world titles to Anthony Joshua in their December rematch. Check it out...

Rozier on Andy Ruiz’s last performance against Anthony Joshua:

“I wish I didn’t catch it. If it was fishing I would’ve cut my line...It’s horrible. I mean, what was he doing? It was a horrible affair. Simply horrible. Disappointing.

“He showed no was just so neutral to dig in, it was disappointing. Andy knew what it was, he was the champ. He knew what he had to do to stay the champ and he didn’t do it. And like I was saying before, he (had) a fantastic in Manny Robles and it’s a shame that he let his trainer down the way he did. He let his trainer down!

“So I don’t want to hear anybody say ‘Manny Robles didn’t...’ — Andy Ruiz didn’t! Fighters have to start taking responsibility for their bullcrap performances.”

To Ruiz’s credit (for as little as you could reasonably give him), he didn’t actually blame his trainer for that terrible outing, immediately admitting that he didn’t take training camp seriously and didn’t listen to Robles. That still didn’t stop Ruiz from firing Robles though, so make of that what you will.

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